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How Taxi Mobile App Development Services can Benefit Your Business

Taxi booking app development service

Taxi booking apps Uber and Ola have written the history and set new milestones in the domain of private transport. Their stellar success is sufficient to motivate entrepreneurs who are in search of a profitable startup. A taxi business is thriving, but one may find it difficult to compete with established players. Let us discuss how taxi booking app development services can help you tackle the intensifying competition and ensure the success of your taxi business.

It’s Mobile App that Makes the Difference

It is fair to mention that robust and reliable mobile apps are behind the incredible success of both Ola and Uber. An official survey has revealed that 80 percent of the participants prefer Ola and Uber to traditional taxi services. The reason is simple: they can book the taxi with ease using their handheld devices. When you are taking a first step toward commencing a taxi business, you need a feature-rich taxi booking app.

Though the number of taxi booking apps is already increasing, the number of prospective passengers also increases. All you need to consult a reliable mobile app development company to frame a right business strategy with a seamlessly performing app.

How Taxi Mobile App can Benefit Your Business

Taxi Mobile App Benefit

We live in the age of on-demand apps. From hospitality to transportation and health to marketplaces- every business sector can leverage the benefits of customized on-demand applications. Taxi-booking or cab-hailing apps are in vogue as more people seek comfort and convenience.

Here we give a few noteworthy business benefits of a tailored taxi app:

Types of Taxi Mobile Apps

As per the business model and facilities offered to the customers, the taxi business owners can come up with the following types of taxi mobile applications:

  • Taxi booking app
  • Rental car app
  • Taxi booking and rental car app

You can expand your private transportation business by adding motorbikes and autos as well. Both these vehicles can enable you to offer more affordable means than taxis. A mobile app development company can readily add these features to your new or existing taxi booking app.

Business Benefits of Taxi Mobile Applications

Taxi App Benefits F

A taxi mobile app certainly provides convenience to the users. Also, it can simplify your business processes while offering the following benefits: 

Real-time location tracking:

This is one of the biggest benefits of a cab booking app. The driver knows the exact location of the passenger and the passenger can track the driver’s location. The passenger can also see after how much time the taxi will arrive. Most importantly, you can also track the location of your taxis across the city and states. It is easy to keep an eye on the route taken by your drivers all the time with a location tracking feature.

Higher visibility:

It is easy for you to enhance the visibility of your taxi business with a mobile app. You can get an edge over traditional taxi services providers who have no apps yet. Your customers find it easy and interesting to book cabs through mobile apps. You can also stay connected with the customers as long as your app stays in the customer’s devices. If you update your app on a regular basis, you increase the chances of getting more loyal customers.

Data collection:

Your investment in taxi mobile app development pays dividends as you get valuable data of the app users. Your app users register themselves through email ids and mobile numbers. Also, you can get the data regarding your customers’ saved destinations, trip frequency, etc. You can send personalized notifications according to this data and provide them with attractive offers on certain rides. In a way, it can help you build a loyal customer base.

Brand building:

Today, Uber and Ola have become big brands. They have gained a reputation with the help of enterprise-grade apps. You can also build the brand gradually by following their footprints. Three major factors to increase the brand awareness- credibility, better customer services, and trust- can be achieved by a user-friendly taxi application. It is because the app can address the customer’s needs with an attractive user interface. Also, you can come up with updated versions that enhance the reputation among your existing customers.

Feedback from customers:

The brand identity is based on customer feedback and reviews. Just like any other apps, your taxi app also needs a feedback. The customer’s ratings and reviews can help you improve your services further, and as a result, your business can stay ahead of the curve. The traditional rental car booking companies cannot offer such a facility because they have no apps. But, these days, people prefer the services that seek feedback and reviews from customers.

Enhanced productivity:

You can always track the driver’s location and his route to finishing the trip. In a way, you can check the efficiency of your driver through an app. The app users also give feedback about the drivers and you can attempt to increase their productivity. The performance monitoring motivates drivers to work with more efficiency and you can also resolve the issues quickly. Altogether, a taxi app can boost your business with enhanced productivity and increased efficiency.

Inclusive growth:

Last but not the least! If you follow the conventional way, you have to pass through a    tiresome process of finding customers, negotiating price, showing your vehicle, and the like to grow your taxi business. With the advent of on-demand taxi booking app, the way of doing business is drastically changed. You can say, you can run your business in ‘Auto-pilot’ mode. Your business is now run by the customers themselves and the entire process is automated thanks to the mobile app. You can spend your valuable time in increasing number of taxis and improve services as an app takes care of other important aspects of your business.

Features You Need to Include in Your Taxi App

Features and duration of development decide the cost of your bespoke taxi app. Here we see the basic features you need to include in the app that can help you get the estimate.

The Uber clone app development process or taxi app like Uber and Ola includes the making of two mobile apps: App for passengers and app for drivers.

App for Passengers:

A basic taxi app includes three features for passengers: order, payment methods, and offers or gift vouchers.

Additional features: Fare calculator, preset locations, ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival), real-time status, fare split, modification of ongoing ride, booking for someone else, etc.

App for Drivers:

The driver’s app should have features like accept and cancel the ride, trip request, and reasons for cancellation.

Additional features: Alerts and notifications, records of earnings, fuel station findings, customized route selection, etc.

Also, you should consider integrating “hidden features” like conversion metrics and in-app analytics to get the valuable data from the app users. 

Cost of Custom Taxi Mobile App

Apart from features and duration of development, a few other aspects like platform selection and API integration also contribute to deciding the price of your taxi app. For example, you need to pay more if you want an Android app as compared to an iOS app. It is because there are many Android devices are available and your app requires a vigorous testing to ensure a seamless performance across all the devices and versions.

Hourly rate is also a considerable factor because there is a great variation in the hourly charges across the world. On one hand, Indian mobile app developers charge between $25 to $50/hour, their American and Canadian counterparts take over $170 an hour. Australian and European app developers can charge anywhere between $150 to $190 an hour.

On an average, you can get a basic driver app in a range of $6000 to $9000 for either Android or iOS platform. Similarly, the basic passenger app will cost you between $12000 to $15000. A highly complex and feature-rich taxi apps like Uber and Ola can cost you over $45000.  However, this is just an estimate. The price can vary as per your business needs. A taxi app development company can give you an exact quote depending on the project requirements. You can also hire taxi app developers to leverage the benefits of flexible hiring models.

Finally comes the miscellaneous expenses. Any post-release expenses like ASO, app marketing,  and maintenance costs fall under this category. You need to keep provision for such expenses because growing competition in this sector requires a seamlessly performing app. Initial promotional efforts can help you get valuable downloads as your app gets launched.

Wrapping Up

Taxi business is risky but full of potential. The perfect blend of technological advancements and a strategy to deal with ever-changing market dynamics can make you a proud owner of a next big brand after Ola and Uber. A user-friendly taxi booking app can help you explore the opportunities while offering you a competitive edge over traditional taxi service providers.

We have built an on demand car booking app- Rental Car. It enables the app users to take a car on rent. If an incident has occurred with the rented car, the user can simply capture the image and send it to the car’s owner.

The owner can download the image and take necessary action. The owner can also manage the car through a dashboard along with importing and exporting the details. This cross-platform, Ionic-based app works well on both Android and iOS systems. The app is specifically targeted for the US-based users.

At Soft Suave Technologies, we provide high-quality taxi mobile app development services. Just connect with us by sending your idea or app requirements at contact@softsuave.com and give your taxi business a flying start!

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