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How long should I wear braces for ?

You can get braces penang at any age, and adult patients are more prevalent than they were a few decades ago. But how long must adults wear braces, and are adult treatment schedules different from those for children?


Adults want to know how long their treatment will last, just like teenagers do. It varies, is the response. Treatment times can range from a few months to three years because every case is different.


Age, the complexity of the patient’s situation, compliance, and the type of braces used are the four key variables that have an impact on the length of orthodontic therapy for patients. The key factors impacting treatment time, not the patient’s age, are the complexity and quantity of orthodontic issues that need to be addressed. The influence of age is minimal.


Does the age of a patient matter?


Adult orthodontic treatment can take a little bit longer for adults than it does for adolescents and young children, as many people believe. When treating children, we can achieve faster results since their jaws are still developing and their teeth are still erupting, making it simpler to move them where we want them. Adult teeth have been in place for a longer period of time and require more work to erupt.


Complex cases demand more time.


There are no two identical cases, however some treatments are simpler than others. To correct a simple issue like a crooked tooth or spacing issue, the bare minimum amount of time required to wear braces is a few months. However, some people have complicated cases with a variety of issues to address. Adults are frequently shocked to learn that braces can not only straighten their teeth but also treat other related dental issues such tooth decay, abnormal wear of the tooth enamel, bone and gum recession, migraines, and jaw pain. The ideal positioning of all teeth can take up to 36 months in complex circumstances.


Treatment Time Is Affected by the Type of Braces


The orthodontic procedure utilised will determine how long treatment with braces will last. You can have lingual, ceramic, or metal braces.


Clear and Metal Braces

Braces made of clear ceramic and premium stainless steel are the most effective orthodontic treatment option. They can move teeth into the desired position faster than lingual braces and clear aligners because they are more effective at moving teeth. Additionally, these braces are more likely to produce the best results in the shortest amount of time. In order to correct a simple case of crooked teeth or spacing, braces must be worn for a minimum of several months up to 36 months for both metal and ceramic braces. Ceramic braces are less noticeable than metal braces because they use tooth-colored brackets and arch wires. The pressure that standard metal brackets can withstand is not as great for ceramic ones.


Ligamentous Braces

Adults frequently choose lingual braces, which are worn on the inside of the teeth and are seldom noticeable to others. Lingual braces frequently require more time to treat. In order for each bracket to be specifically manufactured to fit each tooth, the orthodontist scans the patient’s teeth. The wire is then fitted and the braces are secured to the backs of the teeth. The wire can move teeth up, down, in, and out more effectively with braces on the exterior of the teeth than with lingual braces that have the wire on the inside. In order to monitor development and make changes, patients who choose lingual braces visit more appointments for longer periods of time.


Be obedient


Although it’s not frequently an issue with adult patients, disobeying the orthodontist’s advice can lengthen the course of treatment. Your treatment will proceed according to plan if you adhere to your orthodontist’s instructions. The following are the most crucial compliance reminders:


  • When brushing your teeth, be thorough and consistent.
  • Keep your orthodontic appointments, and do as your doctor instructs.
  • Don’t put off scheduling an appointment to fix breaks because doing so can allow teeth to return to their natural locations.


Afterwards for braces


Keep in mind that orthodontic treatment doesn’t end when braces are taken off. Teeth can still reposition themselves to their original positions without the aid of a retainer, whether braces have been worn for a few months or three years. How frequently the permanent wire affixed to the back of the bottom teeth or the clear plastic retainer must be worn depends on your orthodontist’s recommendations.


Make a no-obligation appointment at Family Dental by phoning 04-899 0013 or making an appointment online if you are considering braces and want to know how long treatment will last.


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