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How Do Steinmann Pins Help Orthopedics in Surgeries?

We aim to facilitate the surgeons globally to add unique variations in medical surgery! 

Bones and joints are vulnerable to damage because of an injury, disease, or wear. Orthopedics offers different treatments for bone and joint injuries or fractures. That is why it is mandatory to visit an orthopedic if anyone is suffering from pain or fracture of bones and joints.

The orthopedic surgical tool kit includes many orthopedic instruments, from bone-cutting forceps to Steinmann pin. The purpose of using such tools is to carry out surgical procedures efficiently. Let’s enlist some of the different types of orthopedic surgical instruments. These instruments include

  •       Bone files
  •       Bone cutting forceps
  •       Bone chisels 
  •       Bone impactor
  •       Bone Rasps
  •       Femoral ligament cutters
  •       Osteotomes
  •       Extractors
  •       Screw holding forceps
  •       Spatula
  •       Steinman pins

These orthopedic tools are unique in their functions, so they help in different orthopedic surgeries. In this article, our topic of concern is Steinman pins, so let’s understand this instrument.

steinmann pin for surgeons

Steinman Pins

Orthopedics use Steinmann pins during bone fixation surgeries. These look like thin metal rods and work by holding together the large bones during bone fixing procedures, especially the hips and femur bones. The role of the Steinmann pin is similar to a K wire, but it’s larger in diameter.

Let’s dig deeper to understand this tool’s different types and specifications.

Types Of Steinmann Pins

Steinmann pins have different types depending upon their length, shapes, and designs. The different variations come in the following patterns

  •       Double Trocar
  •       Single Trocar
  •       Double diamond
  •       Single diamond

The different types are

  •       Single trocar round steinmann pin
  •       Threaded steinman pin single trocar
  •       Threaded steinmann pin double trocar
  •       Double trocar steinmann pin
  •       Partially threaded Steinmann pin double trocar

Let’s comprehend each of these types one by one.

1.  Single Trocar Round Steinmann Pin

Surgeons use this type of Steinmann pin in various surgical procedures. Manufacturers use German stainless steel to make this tool durable, robust, rust-free, and corrosion-free. In addition, they don’t harm the tissues.

They have multiple variations in length, diameter, and style. They are also sterilizable.

2.  Threaded Steinman Pin Single Trocar

These pins help hold large bones during the fixation of fractures. They have a threaded stainless steel body and a single trocar tip. German stainless steel enhances durability, robustness, and resistance against rust and corrosion.

They also have multiple variations in their diameters, lengths, and styles to offer a wide range of orthopedic instruments. Surgeons can use these instruments again and again but only after proper sterilization.

3.  Threaded Steinmann Pin Double Trocar

These are the Steinmann pins with a threaded German stainless-steel body and double trocar tips. These features help the orthopedics fix the fractures. This orthopedic tool shows variations in diameters, length, and designs. Its manufacturing material is German stainless steel.

4.  Double Trocar Steinmann Pin

This orthopedic surgical tool has double trocar tips with a durable German stainless steel body. Such pins have significantly more diameter than K wires and hold large bones more efficiently. Thus, this surgical tool helps orthopedics during extensive surgical procedures.

The multiple variations of this orthopedic instrument offer different options to surgeons, each different in length, diameter, tip, and body style. In addition, these pins show high tensile strength and require low maintenance.

5.  Partially Threaded Steinmann Pin Double Trocar

This metal rod pin has a partially threaded body and double trocar tips. Such orthopedic tools greatly increase the surgeon’s productivity with their excellent functioning. In addition, they have German stainless steel in their body that makes them reliable, lightweight, and efficient for long-time use.

This surgical equipment has multiple variations in length, style, and diameter to make the surgery tool kit versatile. In addition, they have high tensile strength and do not require much maintenance. This surgical tool is also resistant to rust and corrosion due to its fine manufacturing material.

Do You Want Premium Quality Orthopedic Tools?

You have to be careful against those who try to fish in troubled water. You need not worry with GerMedUSA as it takes your worries from selection to safe delivery of your products. In addition, we have a great collection of orthopedic instruments to give more options to orthopedics.

We also offer Steinmann pins in different styles, diameters, and lengths to facilitate our customers. We aim to facilitate the surgeons globally to add unique variations in the medical field. Our surgical instruments have German stainless steel in their bodies to make them robust, reliable, and rust and corrosion-proof. 


Why Do Orthoptics Use Steinman Pins During Surgeries?

Orthopedics use Steinmann pins during bone fixation surgeries. This surgical tool firmly holds the large bones during the fixation of fractures so that the surgeon can carry out surgery more efficiently and efficiently.

Are Steinmann Pins And K Wires Different?

Yes! Steinmann pins and K wires are different. They are 1.5 mm and 6.5 mm, while K wires have less diameter from 0/9 to 1.5 mm.

What Are The Different Types Of Steinmann Pins?

The different types of Steinmann pins are single trocar round Steinmann pin, threaded Steinmann pin single trocar, threaded Steinmann pin double trocar, double trocar Steinmann pin, and partially threaded Steinmann pin double trocar, each varying in their patterns.

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