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How do I locate rivals using Google Ads?

Do you want to know how to locate your rivals on Google Ads? There are numerous methods for doing this, and doing so will enable you to compile an extensive list of competitors and organize your efforts appropriately.

You can view the advertisements they are running as well as the features and advantages they are emphasizing. And doing so will make it easier for you to create engaging advertising with high click-through rates and favorable keyword quality ratings.

Additionally, you will be able to view the average rankings they hold and the terms they are bidding on.

I’ve included four methods below to locate your rivals in Google Ads.

Searching Google is the quickest approach to find your rivals on Google Ads. As a result, a list of competitors for the search terms you enter will appear.

This has some limitations and won’t display all of your competitors for all of your campaigns and ad groups.

Additionally, the results will be tailored to your situation and could not give a complete picture of who you are and who your rivals are. The Ad Preview and Diagnosis tool will display more accurate results for you since the system occasionally displays findings that it believes are pertinent for you at that particular time.

Use the tool for ad preview and diagnosis.
You can find this feature in Tools & Settings in your Google Ads account.  ppc agency near me It’s the finest approach to monitor how your advertisements are performing and who your rivals are. The nice aspect is that you can view it for other locations in addition to your own.

Tool for Ad Preview and Diagnosis

This is much better than searching on Google, which only displays a small number of rival businesses in one area.

For instance, some ads only target particular cities or towns, putting you in competition with them there. Therefore, using the Ad Preview feature will reveal their identities as well as the positions they have in those places.

Employed the Auction Insights report
The rivals you face for each of your campaigns and ad groups are displayed in this report. Additionally, it displays how you rank relative to other marketers in the top and absolute positions, on average.

Law of Auction Insights

Additionally, you may view other stats such as your share of the impressions for your campaign or ad group.

Based on your findings, this report also assists you in choosing which bid strategy to employ. The Target Impression share bid strategy, for instance, would be very beneficial if you wanted to increase the number of impressions by ranking higher in the ad results.

Competitive analysis tool
The SERanking platform is a useful resource for competitor research. Using this tool, you can look up all of your rivals’ current Google ppc agency near me Ads campaigns and the monthly spending amounts associated with them.

Competitive Analysis

Additionally, you will be able to see the keywords on which they are bidding as well as the average cost per click for each of them.


The techniques I’ve listed above are some of the best for finding competitors, though there are other tools and reports that can assist you. And that will assist you in conducting competitor analysis, setting up, and managing efficient Google Ads campaigns.

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