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How can you make cake smash photography memorable with your kid?

Do you know what cake smash photography is? This photography is done with the kids generally for one year. Cake smash photography near me is a perfect idea for the birthday party of a kid who is turning one. However, in this cake smash, photograph parents or the photographer presents a cake in front of the baby kid and let them smash the cake. In the past, it was a pose, but now it is considered the trend of the new era. 

Planning a cake smash photography

Cake smash photography is a fun session for the babies as well as for the parents and the photographers. When you are planning a cake smash photograph, there must be some of the things: 

  • Theme planning

When you book a cake smash photograph session, the first thing that you will do is get on the phone to discuss your vision for the shoot. Do you have a theme in mind? Then, discuss all your queries with your photographer. With the help of this photographer, you will know what your expectations are about cake smash photography. 

  • Background set up, props, and outfits

Deciding what your child will wear at a cake smash photograph will be challenging. Keep in mind whatever the outfit is, it will destroy completely. Also, you must select the dress your kid feels comfortable in.  

  • Cake   

Bring a colorful cake for the baby to smash. When the cake is full of colors, it will attract the babies to destroy it and have fun with it. Also, you must ensure that the baby will be safe during cake smash photography. 

  • Bubble bath

After the cake smash photograph session is complete, your child will possibly be a mess. To help with cleanup, the next part of the session will include a bath. Bring a little tub and put your child in to get them cleaned up, and grab some more great personality photos while they get their bath. 

Tips for making cake smash photography memorable

A cake smash photograph session is always successful and turns out to be a fantastic picture. Moreover, it is a memorable sight when this photo session is on the baby’s first birthday. Here are some of the tips that will indeed work for you in a cake smash photograph: 

  1. Don’t take too much time in starting a cake smash photograph. Kids start annoying when they are stuck in one place for a long time. To save yourself from this situation, you must search for a cake smash photography near me. 
  2. Don’t feed much to the baby before a session. Leave the kid a bit hungry so that they will attack the cake soon. Maybe they also eat the cake and make a complete mess that is good for photographs. 
  3. Bring something that your kids love because if the kid starts crying, you can eventually begin to divert his mind. Some kids start crying because of the new faces and capturing pictures; for them, their favorite stuff or toy must be with them. 

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