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How can I download pictures and videos off of Twitter and Instagram?

How can I save media from social media sites like Twitter and Instagram?

Several people throughout the world utilise social media sites like Twitter and Instagram.

Twitter is a social media site where many users create accounts to follow one another as well as celebrities, various channels, and other users. The hashtags are used to look for trending news. People can learn about others’ updates as well as the hottest stories, videos, and posts. However, it forbids users from downloading or saving the Twitter videos and photographs.

Instagram is a platform where users may follow celebrities and other users, as well as view the most recent or older posts made by various pages in their timeline. They can check the posts of their favourite celebrities by visiting their accounts, saving them by selecting the save option, and then checking the temporarily saved posts in the account’s saved option.

To download the photographs and videos from social media sites, there are numerous apps and web programmes accessible.

To download the photographs and videos from Twitter and Instagram, however, you should use the best and most trustworthy downloader programme.

The Twitter Video Download function enables users to download GIFs and videos from Twitter, and the files are preserved permanently on the device.

Twitter Video Downloader

Twitter video download tool is one of the best online tools for downloading high-quality tweets, videos, and GIFs. It’s the fastest Twitter video downloader.

Most individuals wish to retain their favourite Twitter videos and photographs as a memento.

Copy the link of the Twitter post you want, paste it into the input box, and click the download button. You will be redirected to a page where you can select the video resolution and start the download.

Download twitter videos, GIFs, and photos with this downloader. You may download movies, GIFs, and photos of family and friends’ tweets.

This Twitter video download works on any platform, including smartphones, PCs, laptops, and tablets. It supports Safari, Chrome, and other browsers.

How to save videos from Twitter?

  1. You may copy the URL of the video or gif that Twitter hosts by using the Twitter app or website.
  2. After you have pasted the copied URL into the input box and clicked the download button, a video with a Download Movie dropdown button will display so that you may pick the desired video resolution.
  3. Once you’ve made your decision and clicked the button labelled “Download Video,” the download will finally start.
Different Methods to Download Twitter Videos 

First Method 

Go to twitter platform and search for the post that you want to download.  

After the finding the video right-click on the video and click the Copy video address and then visit the twittervideodownload.com and paste it into the input box. 

Click the download symbol button then you will be redirected to a web page where a video will be displayed that you want to download  

Under that video post Download Video button will be present from which you can select the quality resolution that you want to download and finally click the Download Video button to start the download. 

Second Method  

Visit the twitter, search the video you want and copy the video address from the address bar and paste it in the input box of twitter video download tool. 

Click the download symbol available with the input box then click the download button. 

A webpage will appear which displays the video with dropdown button of Download Video button. 

Click it to select the available resolutions and again click the Download Video button to begin the download. 

Third Method 

Open the twittervideodownload.com in your browser and then in the new tab.  

Search the twitter platform to copy the link of the post then search for the video that you want to download. 

When the video post is found under it there will be different buttons available. 

Click the share button that will display different options you should choose the Copy link to tweet option. 

Paste the link in the search box of twitter video download tool then start the download as mentioned in the last steps of above methods. 

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