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How AI Technology Is Expected to Affect Different Industries

AI technology is affecting and its influence can be easily seen across many industries. From the most obvious places like Telvista company to other industries like manufacturing and retail, the impact is easily noticeable. And based on how things are advancing, in a few years, you can expect massive leaps from how things are today.

Statista claims that the current global AI market is valued at 327.5 billion dollars. These numbers are predicted to grow in the future and people will find a clear use of AI in a lot of industries. In this brief article, you can see the industries that are changing because of the use of AI.

Call Center

Call centers make up a huge industry with a lot of businesses depending on them worldwide. Where many companies have in-house teams, others often outsource contact center services to answer customer queries. But now chatbots are gradually replacing the need for an actual human to communicate with a customer. Currently, many companies are using automated chatbots and support agents together. When chatbots cannot provide a satisfactory response to a customer, the customers can usually opt for the option of talking to a human. This has reduced the need for human efforts significantly.

A lot of businesses have chatbots operating outside their usual business hours. The chatbots answer the questions of people during this time. Also, these chatbots can inform human representatives about the queries that need help from a human.

IT Support

IT Support is another industry where the adoption of AI is easily visible. When you run into a problem with a digital service, you will notice how chatbots will suggest articles and videos help you. Many companies are now developing knowledge bases with helpful content and how-to guides with minimal need for human involvement. You can see a good example by visiting the website of InMotion Hosting. It is a web hosting company that offers a complete knowledge base filled with articles and “how-to” videos.

These knowledge bases combined with smart AI can significantly minimize the need for human assistance. So, it is another market where the effects of AI are going to be more noticeable.


As more users of smartphones are using voice search for online searches, digital marketing is evolving as well. The smart algorithms of search engines are becoming smarter in displaying the most relevant results. Google is using technologies like NLP (Natural Language Processing) and using it as one of the ranking factors. Besides SEO, paid ad campaigns on search engines are now becoming smarter. Now you can set up auto-bidding and smarter ads like responsive text ads. Smarter search engines and more convenient methods are reducing human efforts.

Smart advertisements on the online medium are resulting in a decline in the popularity of traditional marketing. Newspaper ads and billboards are not generally the first choice of mediums of marketing for most businesses. Similarly, TV and radio ads are also not the primary mediums of advertisements.


Manufacturing is one of the industries where smart AI-powered machines are replacing human workers significantly. With smarter robots and machines, the need for human input is minimized gradually. Now a significant number of tasks can be done from smart machines. In addition to the lesser need for human efforts, it is making it faster and more efficient. The automobile sector is a perfect example where the smart programming of robots has significantly reduced the need for human efforts.

AI is playing a similar role in manufacturing electronics too. So, the overall manufacturing sector is going to be more affected in the upcoming years.


Retail is another industry where the changes are more visible than in other places. The barcode readers on sales counters are a more common use of AI. But with works in progress on technologies like NFC and other cashless checkouts, human efforts are going to be minimal. One example that gives insights into the future of retail thanks to AI is Amazon’s cashier-less store in Bellevue, Washington. As the name suggests, this retail store works without any cashiers. All the things in your cart are billed and the payment is made from your card.


The use of AI in many places is now reducing the need for humanitarian efforts and many industries are going to be affected by it. A few of those industries include call centers, IT support, marketing, manufacturing, and retail.

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