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How a Order Delivery Date App Can Improve User Experience of Your Shopify

Long weekends mean planning a small vacation, which means shopping online. It is obvious customers want those products before they leave for their vacation. But what if your Shopify store does not show any information related to the delivery date. It is clear that they will not order from you. Why disappoint customers when they are about to make a purchase? 

Well, you can overcome this issue and bring more clarity on the delivery date part with the Shopify delivery date app. This addition to your Shopify store would bring many benefits that improve customer service and increase customer satisfaction. Let’s read more about it.

Why We Need Order Delivery Date App and Why We Need it on Our Shopify Store?

By default, Shopify does not offer an option to show a delivery date. Usually, owners use catch terms like fast delivery and delivery within x days to attract users. But why load them with random information when you can be accurate. Giving customers an exact number of days will help bring more clarity for customers on when their product will reach.

To have a delivery date, apps give more confidence and commitments for a better customer experience. This means displaying exact information is better than showing delivery speed or giving tracking links. It is one way to improve customer service as well.

Features Included in the Order Delivery Date App

Here are some features that make order delivery date apps more effective in improving user experience.

  • Estimate Delivery Date

Every visitor to your Shopify store likes to know when the particular product will be delivered so that they know whether they are available on the date and should they order it or not. This clarity will ensure that they will be home during the delivery, or it might require multiple attempts. So, the plugin also allows the customer to choose the delivery date. On occasions like anniversary celebrations and birthdays, businesses linked with baking and gifts can accept deliveries on a particular date and time. Customers enjoy having clarity and would reorder again as they receive products exactly when they want.

  • Show Specific Message

It is important that your customers understand your store and what goes where, or else it will give the wrong impression, and they might not want to revisit the store. For example, you do not deliver products on weekends and holidays. So when the customer tries to select those dates, you can display a specific message so that they know the reason. Such messages can be added while displaying the delivery date or when the customer chooses a particular delivery date. If you do not show any messages, they might feel unable to use the store efficiently. So, having a context to such action helps.

  • Select Delivery Time

This feature can be a game-changer for your Shopify store. Your customers will gain more confidence as they know they can also have control on time. In your Shopify store, add it near below the delivery date option, and to highlight the widget, use some attractive colors. The app also gives the liberty to choose the icon, text, font, etc. You can decide the delivery time slots that work for you date-wise. The customers will be able to choose from only those time slots that you provide. It will also be easier for you to have a list of products to be delivered in a particular time slot by the end of the day. It gets easier to manage the deliveries with such clarity.

  • Store Pick Up and Locator

Some advanced Shopify apps also give this facility where the customers can locate the store and pick up on the delivery date. This reduces the burden on the owners to deliver the product. And for customers, it is easier to pick up the product whenever they want and save themselves from extra shipping charges. Thus, this app allows customers to choose the delivery date and whether they want to pick it up from the store or get it delivered home.


The Shopify delivery date app is an app that can improve the user experience for customers. As a business, you can give more clarity to your customers, and customers would like to shop again as they will have that confidence that you deliver on time. It is a great way to retain customers and increase the customer loyalty base. Such small things make a huge difference in scaling a business.

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