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Highest Paying Jobs after GST Certification Course

GST has given great opportunities for administration firms to enable their customers to understand the changing business and tax dynamics. 

The GST certification course can be taken by graduates, financial and tax professionals, and individuals who want career opportunities in these fields. It increases job opportunities, and salaries, and develops skills.

The aim of the GST course is to help businessmen, accountants, Chartered Accountants (CAs), Certified Management Accountants (CMAs), Company Secretaries (CSs), and other professionals to enhance their knowledge regarding the Goods and Service Taxes by offering specialised, updated knowledge systematically, improving their problem-solving skills to enhance decision making, and skills and knowledge required for self-employment and employment in the industry. 


Benefits Of GST Certification Course


Following are some of the benefits of the GST certification course

  • The GST certification course gives you a number of job opportunities available to individuals.
  • It helps to raise salaries by 15% to 25% on average.
  • It helps you to start your own consultancy.
  • It helps to develop skills of different taxation, finance, and accounting professionals.
  • It offers a classroom environment for better learning along with structured course content.


Top Career Opportunities In GST


  1. Taxation Manager

Every organisation needs someone to take care of its taxation matters. Depending on the size of the organisation the position may be senior tax manager. The manager and his team do the compliances and a consultant takes care of complex issues. 

A taxation manager must know about how the GST portal works, good drafting skills, and good knowledge of Ms. word and excel. 


  1. Taxation Research Analyst

Taxation research analyst is the profession in large corporations. They have complex structures and transactions. Large organisations need a person to look at the contract from a taxation point of view. Incorrect sign in may turn a contract into losing one. So hiring a taxation analyst may be a good option. 

Taxation research analysts must have knowledge in all provisions of GST, industry based analysis and practical implementation.  


  1. Reconciliations

Every organisation, especially large organisations, needs someone who can reconcile the sales, purchase, and input tax credit. Wrong feeding into GST return can have consequences. They must be proficient in MS excel, GSTN portal, GST compliances. 


  1. GST Compliance Practice

If you don’t want to maintain a large team you can go for compliance professionals. Mostly small businesses outsource their compliances to compliance professionals. Professionals with the knowledge of compliance are responsible to do the compliance practice. So they can work independently. 

Compliance, software handling for bulk filing, staff management, and sales skills are needed for this profession. 


  1. GST Consultancy Practice

Knowledge in GST law and other relevant laws is required in an organisation. It is difficult to implement and interpret the law in a practical situation. One who handles legal sections in the organisation must have analytical skills, GST law, and GST litigation trends.


  1. GST Legal Practice

GST will take time to settle because it’s a new law. The law can break into multiple interpretations. This may cause litigation between the taxpayer and the department. In that case the role of a litigation professional is very important. They need to protect the interest of taxpayers with the law.

They must need strong presentational skills, drafting skills, and knowledge of litigation trends.


  1. GST Practitioner

A GST practitioner performs functions for taxpayers. 

Skills Needed To Make Career In GST


  • GST law : Must have knowledge in all important sections and their interpretations.
  • Analytical skills : Skills required to handle practical issues. Analytical skills help you to translate law into practical solutions.
  • GSTN Portal Knowledge : GSTN portal is for the GST compliances. All compliances are done through portal only.
  • Basic Excel and word : It is required to do reconciliations.
  • Industry Knowledge : Industry knowledge comes with experience. Also from good GST courses you can get good industry knowledge.

GST has opened a wide range of opportunities. To build a successful career in GST all you need is skills and knowledge. With proper education and knowledge you can achieve your career goals. 

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