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Growing importance of user experience in SEO


  • Growing importance of user experience in SEO
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For Google, a pleasant experience for Internet users is now an essential criterion for the SEO referencing of a site in the same way as its technical performance, content quality, and internal and external networking. As proof, the update of the engine algorithm, launched in mid-June, gives pride of place to UX with the deployment of the Page Experience Update.

SEO strategy.

In the Australlia , 20% of homes are now equipped with a connected speaker, and people of all ages use them at least once daily. Now conquering the rest of the world, voice assistants are changing how Internet users perform voice searches and forcing brands to review their SEO strategy.

Introduction of Core Web Vitals to measure the UX of a page

To find out how well a web page works, a pillar of UX, Google has developed three metrics:

  • FID (First Input Delay) concerns its interactivity during loadingIt measures the delay between an action by the Internet user (click on a button) and the browser’s response.
  • The CLS (Cumulative Layout Shift) indicates its visual stability due to the display of pop-up windows, advertising banners, etc.
  • LCP (Largest Content full Paint) relates to loading speed, which should not exceed 2.5 seconds.

seo experts Melbourne see this latest update of the Google algorithm as confirmation of its evolution to become more “user-centric.” They exclude an immediate upheaval in the ranking in the results, instead evoking an increasing weight of this parameter compared to others, such as the insertion of keywords in the URL of the page.

In the meantime, sites that regularly publish valuable content and offer good UX to visitors should have no problem getting referenced. They, therefore, recommend not giving in to panic in the event of small variations in ranking on the first positions on Google during the update. For others, it is not too late to make the necessary improvements.

The basics of improving the UX of a web page

The first essential step is to audit key pages such as the home page, product pages, etc. Or, if it is a blog, articles. The scores obtained on Pages peed Insights and Lighthouse indicate whether an upgrade is required on desktop and mobile, and if so, which elements it should cover. Different actions can be implemented:

  • We are reducing loading time by compressing images and reducing the weight of JavaScript codes and CSS style sheets.
  • Producing content-rich information, optimized and offering reading comfort, such as a clickable summary, facilitates navigation.
  • Daily monitoring of site performance via the “Experience” tab, then the “Essential Web Signals” section,

Generally speaking, SEOs must prioritize Internet users’ expectations about the rules to generate more engagement. To provide them with relevant content in response to their queries, the search engine strengthens its understanding of their search intentions by working on long tail and voice searches. Because despite all the upheavals recorded in terms of SEO on Google, “content is king” remains the number one rule of SEO.if you want to read more blog then click here 

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