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Grab a Seat on American Airlines Flight by Flightaura

American Airlines Flights - Flightaura

Planning to become an American Airlines traveler? Looking for a complete guide, including its booking and cancellation procedure and policy? Well, if so, then you have landed on the right page today.

Established in 1926, American Airlines is a major airline based in the United States. With a fleet size of 900+, people can travel to more than 350 destinations worldwide. All its major operations are taken care of from its headquarters in Texas, US.

To ensure smooth functioning, the airline offers almost all its services online as well as offline. You can make the reservations from the official website, over a call, or directly from the airport. In addition to that, AA also lets its customers make changes to an existing reservation.

This is why there exist many policies, such as American Airlines Check-in Policy. Here, you will get a basic guide to everything you need to know.

  1. Online Process of American Airlines Booking
  2. To get yourself a seat on an American Airlines flight, all you need to do is go along the following steps:
  3. Initially, open the official site of the airline on your web browser.
  4. On the homepage, you will see the Find Flights option under the banner image.
  5. Click on it and firstly, mark you want to book a one-way or a round trip.

Thereafter, put the necessary details in the given space.

In order to look for available flights, enter your departure and arrival dates, destinations, and the number of adults and children. If you are traveling with a pet, call the airline and learn about American Airlines pet policy. 

  1. Once done, take your cursor to the Search button and hit that.
  2. Eventually, the airline will present to you the list of flights you can choose from.
  3. Go through the options carefully and then scroll to the bottom and click on the Continue button.

Remember, in the same window, you can add baggage and avail of other services of the airline.

For that, you can find the link underneath your trip details on the right side of the tab.

Moving ahead, the airline will ask you to fill in each passenger’s information. Fill in the form carefully and again hit Continue.

  1. Finally, the airline will ask you to check your trip and make the payment.
  2. You can choose to pay with cash or miles.
  3. Once the airline processes your money, you will receive a confirmation mail from its end.


Change American Airlines Flight Online

It is not uncommon for people to change their travel plans. Now, instead of canceling and rebooking your flight, it is better to make alterations to the existing one. Go ahead with the following stepwise to achieve that.

  1. Kickstart the operation by browsing American Airlines’ official website.
  2. Now that you are on the homepage go to the My Trips option beside the find flights option.

When you click on it, the airline will eventually ask you for your Last Name and the Confirmation Number of your reservations.

Furthermore, click on the Find Reservations tab, and the airline will display your booking details on the following page.

  1. From all your bookings, mark the one that you need to make the edits too.
  2. You will, thereafter, see the Change Flight button appear on your screen.
  3. Also, tick mark the option, “Yes, I want to change this flight,” and hit the Continue button.

On the following page, the airline will ask you for the details of your new bookings.

Fill in the form provided, and click on Search Flights.

Thereafter, from the available options to choose from, select one and scroll down to the bottom of the page.

  • Click Continue, and you will end up on the Payment Page.
  • This is where the airline will show you if you need to pay any amount or if you will receive credits from it.
  • If the fare of the new flight is more, then you are responsible for the difference. Otherwise, the airline will take care of it.

American Airlines Flight Change Policy

American Airlines flight change policy mentions all the terms and conditions that the airline applies every time someone makes an edit to their existing flight booking. Let’s see how that works:

People who book their flight at least a week before get the maximum benefits from American Airlines. Editing such a reservation on the same day that you purchase the ticket is completely free.

The airline understands how often people change their minds. This is why it does not charge any fee on flight alterations made to advanced bookings.

Same-day flight change is a chargeable service. Any who switches from one flight to another on the departure day will have to pay $75-$125.

Apart from the fee, the airline will also display the flight fare difference.

If the amount in front of you has a ‘+’ sign, that means you need to pay the difference. This is because the fare of the new flight is more than the original one. If you see ‘-,’ then the airline will pay the difference in the original mode of payment.

The airline does not allow any online changes in an award ticket. For that, you will have to get in touch with the airline.

In case you want to edit the name on the ticket, learn about American Airlines Name Change Policy. 

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Being a part of the traveling family for almost a decade, American Airlines understands each and every requirement of its flyers. People get the most comfortable travel experience with the AA. From booking a ticket to landing at their destination, everything is very smooth.

This post holds the basic procedures that any passenger needs. In case of any more doubts, you can connect with Flightaura experts. We are available on live chat as well as via email. Contact our professionals and get your answers!

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