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Gojek Clone In Thailand: App Development Tips To Make Your Startup A Success!

From alarm clocks to GPS, and even purchasing daily groceries, smartphones have made everything available at the fingertips! Now think about the technology that you used ten years back. How different was it from today? Well, if we compare the two – we know that the previous technology has already become obsolete! The number of newer innovations happening each day is only to make a human’s life easier. However, with certain advantages, there are a few drawbacks related to the technology too. If you don’t adapt to the technology, chances are you may be left behind! So, let’s quickly plunge to the top tips to boost your on-demand business with a stalwart app – a Gojek clone in Thailand!


Read on to learn the top tips you need to keep in mind while developing the app so that your startup doesn’t meet the same fate other businesses did in the past. 

1. Extensive research is the key

Whatever research you’ve done to the date might not be enough to make your startup a ‘success’. You might have realized the importance of building the application for the business and initiating the operations online, but that isn’t enough. 

Make sure that your ‘extensive research’ includes:

  • do you want to contribute to the on-demand marketplace? 
  • What does your audience want? 
  • What are the competitors doing? 

Such in-depth analysis will help you figure out the unique selling points of your product. For example, the Gojek clone;

  • Is proposed to offer instant delivery of goods and services. 
  • Offers 82+ on-demand services on one app so that the users don’t have to download multiple apps. 
  • Yearns to provide Covid-19 safe services to every user. 

2. Find the right app development team for your project 

Once you decide and brainstorm how your final product will look, the next big tip to bear in mind is – to find the right team of app developers. If you want to develop a Gojek like app in Thailand, then there is a distinguished checklist you need to consider while searching for the developers for your final product. 

  • They must have 10 years of industry experience. 
  • The trail of their demo apps is FREE. 
  • The developers should have showcased the video testimonials of the clients on the website. 
  • They must have a clear price policy. 
  • The developers should have already developed and launched more than 1200 apps in the past few years itself.  
  • Must follow a strict Non-Disclosure Agreement. 

3. Put communication at the top of the priority list 

Interactive communication is the first prerequisite for developing a successful on-demand app. When beginning with the discussion of what the app is, which features will be added, or how it will look, don’t forget about – ‘how often will we communicate’. 

Without a proper line of communication, developing a robust and steady app like Gojek Clone can go wrong in many ways! Moreover, communicating with the developers regularly will: 

  • Bring the team closer. 
  • Strengthen the exchange of ideas.
  • Facilitate innovation.
  • Avoid any costly mistakes that may shake up your budget.

4. Data security is a must

Major concerns pop up when it comes to data security. There are also some people with malicious thoughts who will happily like to misuse the personal information of your app or your users. Thus, it is always best to take precautions in the first place rather than feel sorry about the missed security measures. Here is what the Gojek clone app in Thailand does to maintain the security of the mobile app: 

  • Allows users to select the payment gateway of their choice. 
  • The app has the extra biometric scanning feature to log in. 
  • The firm also signs a non-disclosure agreement.  


As a startup in the on-demand market, there are many tips that you can consider while developing your app besides the one mentioned above. Thus, to make sure that the end product is high-quality and bound to be ‘successful’, there is no better way than approaching a licensed white-labeling firm with a top-notch Gojek clone script!

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