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Get rejuvenated in Goa


Filled with golden sand beaches and tangled palm trees – Goa is the perfect place to relax and if one wants to take a break from city life then one can easily embrace the beach life in here. In fact, even a weekend at this beach paradise can make one feel better. The serenity of Goa can rejuvenate one and one can also indulge in a lot of activities if one wishes to.

You can book resorts in Goa online which are beach-facing. But yes, one has to do this a bit prior to their journey because these resorts are always in demand. Goa is very popular for its coastal hotspots like Palolem and Colva Beach but they are just a part of Goan beauty. There are plenty of other things to explore.

Places to visit in Goa

  • Popular Beaches

Palolem Beach

Each and every tourist (well almost) visit the Palolem Beach when they are in Goa. This is a crescent-shaped beach with white sand that overlooks the Arabian Sea. Located in South Goa – one can laze around this beach and this place has an array of activities. From yoga classes to kayaking, swimming, and dolphin-sightseeing trips – all can be done here. One can also think of spending a night at a rustic coconut hut there which is always in demand.

Colva Beach

This is another popular beach of Gia because it has broad stretches filled with palm trees and bronze sand. One can go for a banana boat ride, Jet Skiing, and for parasailing when there are here.

  • Beaches Off the Beaten Path

Sunset at Utorda Beach

This place has a spectacular scenery and this place is not much crowded. For some travelers, this can be a natural escape. One can call it an undiscovered attraction of Goa.

Butterfly Beach

It is said to be one of the best-hidden gems of Goa. It has a curving expanse of sand which is flanked by boulders and can create a scene that is a postcard -worthy. This beach is always filled with blossoms and butterflies. In fact, this is one of the best places to spot dolphins in the Arabian Sea. But to reach here, one has to get a boat ride from Agonda or Palolem Beach or they need to do a forest hike.

  • Tanshikar’s Working Spice Farm

The southern part of the country is always known for spices like cardamoms, black pepper, and cloves for many years now. In fact, because of these Portuguese found it to be a major appeal. Travelers can find the local spice scene really spiced up here. Here, when it comes to agrotourism one can find various spices like vanilla, pepper, nutmeg, chili, and turmeric which all are grown by using organic farming methods. One can go for a tour of the farmer which is mostly led by the owner so that one can get a deep understanding of the crops along with the other products like coffee beans and betelnuts. One can also get some natural honey here. Apart from farm tours one can also enroll in fun cooking classes here and take a trek to Mainapi Waterfall.

  • Portuguese-Indian Restaurants

Food is one of the major attractions of Goa. This is because the cuisine has a mix of Portuguese flavors and Goan flavors setting it apart from the food of other parts of India. Also, one can get some fresh seafood here along with an abundance of coconut dishes. Vindaloo is one thing that is tried by almost everyone when they are in Goa. It is a super-hot meat curry made with red chili pepper and palm vinegar. Another dish that is a must try is Xacuti which is made with chili, poppy seeds, and coconut. Apart from that, there are prawn curries and fish stews to die for.

  • Basilica de Bom Jesus

When in Goa, people just cannot miss out on this. This old Goa attraction dates back to the late 16th century and it contains the remains of St Francis Xavier. This has been cited as a UNESCO World Heritage site since 1999. It has an imposing structure that is a mix of Corinthian, Doric, and Baroque styles. One can either tour on their own or they can hire a guide at the entrance.

  • Dudhsagar Falls

When it comes to aquatic adventures in Goa, they do not stop at the beaches. This is because it has Dudhsagar Falls Nearby which is a four-tiered spectacular waterfall and it towers 310 meters above the Earth. One can go for a day trip there either from Goa or from Karnataka. One has to reach the village of Colem by train or taxi. The best time to visit this fall is right after monsoon so that they can see gushing water. One can also take a dip at the falls but for that, they need a life jacket.

  • Anjuna Market

This is a home to a ton of markets. One can get a lot of things at Anjuna Market and this is the best place to find souvenirs and trinkets. From ornate textiles to sculptures, magnets, and hammocks all are available here. The flea market is so colorful that one should not miss a chance to visit this place.

  • Church of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception

When in Goa, one has to visit Panaji and here lies another historic church. This is a pristine white church that dates back to 17th century and the staircase here looks like tiers of a wedding cake. The church has a bright interior and colourful decoration and of course the elegant main alter is the major attraction here.

One can spend some lovely and quality time with their friends, partners or their families in Goa. There are plenty of places that one can explore and find some peace and serenity here. Book resorts in Goa online to make the most of your visit. One can check online and see the resorts available along with their amenities and offers. It is easy to book them as well.

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