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Fixing Negative Inventory Issues in QuickBooks Desktop

Learn to Fix Negative Inventory issues in QuickBooks Desktop

Facing issues due to the negative inventory and want to fix the same in your QuickBooks Desktop? You are at the right place. When the inventory count indicates that there are fewer than zero items in stock, the state refers to the negative inventory.

The temporary inventory state develops as a result of the careful tracking of inventory utilizing various accounting techniques, computer systems, etc. A negative inventory balance can genuinely result from process errors. In this article, we have discussed about QuickBooks negative inventory and how a user can fix negative inventory issues in QuickBooks desktop. Thus, keep reading.

Viable steps to fix Negative Inventory Issues in QuickBooks Desktop

You are supposed to Set dates of the transactions so that the bills are dated. Follow the procedure below:

  • Locate the ‘’Reports’’ option in the menu;
  • After that, choose the ‘’Inventory Valuation Detail’’ from the list of options;
  • Tick ‘’All’’ in the Dates drop-down arrow;
  • Scroll down the report to each item that has a negative amount listed in the ‘’On hand column’’;
  • Set the bills with the correct date.
  • Repeat the steps while adding the negative amount.

Points that need to consider before troubleshooting

It is pertinent that you take the following points in due consideration before embarking on the troubleshooting process.

  • Back up company files without interfering with previous backups. Make sure your backup is saved in a secure place.
  • A new data file is a preferable option to start with a negative inventory because it is a tedious and a risk involving process.
  • You can quickly examine the proper numbers when the inventory reports are inaccurate, for example, when the average cost is absent, by convincing them that recent dated transactions are credit card, set on hand Qty/value, check, bill, etc. Here are the actions:
  • Locate the ‘’reports’’ menu and then hit on ‘’inventory.’’
  • Hit on ‘’inventory Valuation summary’’
  • QuickZoom and perform the double item displaying inaccurate values. The entire details of the transaction related to the item will appear.
  • View the initial bill displayed to ‘’run the bills’’
  • Modify the bill date to prior the starting invoice appear on the report.
  • Hit on ‘’Save & close’’ if you want to record the bill with a recent date.
  • Verify the incorrect item and modify it.

Steps to perform if inventory is sold with no purchase record:

You must have neglected to enter bills through inventory items. In this context, you can edit the bills when they are recorded with accounts and change the entries from the Expenses option to the item.

  • Before entering sales, enter purchases, and specify transaction dates.
  • Locate the menu bar, and hit on ‘’reports’’, then choose ‘’inventory’’, followed by opting for the ‘’inventory valuable detail’’.
  • Opt for the ‘’Dates’’ drop-down menu, and then pick ‘’All.’’
  • Change the bill’s date, then go down to the reports with a negative amount and save them.

Pointers to avoid negative inventory issues:

In order to avoid the negative inventory issue in future, make sure that you abide by the following recommendations:

  • It is advised that you never try to sell inventory products unless you have first bought them if you want to prevent having negative inventory.
  • Create an opening balance for all of the inventory items.
  • Utilize pending invoices when entering sales and use sales orders or estimates to fulfill inventory-related orders.

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It is anticipated that after reading the aforementioned post, you now know how to resolve negative inventory problems with QuickBooks Desktop. If you have any queries regarding the process, you may reach out to our QuickBooks desktop technical support team by ringing us a call at our helpline i.e., 1-800-761-1787.


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