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Excavators: Read to know the types & use them!

excavators for sale

Excavators are the equipment that is used on construction sites, which can also be taken in rent. When you are looking for excavators for sale, then you must have to look for their capabilities and their shortcomings. 

The arm, bucket, cabin, and engine are their main components. Excavators are essential equipment used in various construction & development work. 

Their size will differ according to the required task. These are performed considering factors like fuel efficiency, multi-functional purposes & productivity.

There are various types of excavator machines. Let’s have a look at them-

Types of excavators


These are mainly used in earthmoving, trenching, loading, and various other purposes. They give extra energy to perform the task more effectively than other equipment. Here we are sharing its types!

  • Wheeled Excavators

These excavators are used to perform various utility work on construction sites. And these are also used in maintaining the street level properly. You can find the wheeled excavators for sale at very ease. 

They are especially designed with advanced controls & and easy maneuverability in available space, allowing you to perform more work in less time.

They are just as effective and powerful as tracked excavators. These are far more maneuverable than track-type excavators, which makes them perfect for work along roads. 

 The major benefit of this excavator is that it can be readily carried on a trailer for even short distances when moving from one job site to another. In contrast, crawler excavators operating on tracks require special transportation. These machines can also have trouble on uneven surfaces.

  • Crawler Excavators

Crawler excavators are specially designed for digging, loading and performing other activities on the construction site. They have a heavy crawler with a chain instead of wheels, mainly used to maintain the regular level at any site. 

These also work on the rough surface for transferring the heavy load to the trucks. The chain wheel system with the crawler allows it to perform various tasks, reducing the risk level. 

It provides greater flexibility & stability in the area they are used. These are most widely used in India in multiple applications like Construction & more.

  • Long reach excavators

The name defines its function. Long-reach excavators have long arms, which give a more extended working option to perform the tasks by staying away from the machine that is hard to reach. The area where these are used is for underwater digging, deep trenching & more. 

The excavators are specially designed to perform the tasks in hard-to-reach locations. Long-reach excavators are widely used for destruction projects and over-water bodies. 

It also has the ability to attach various other equipment, which are available on its arm. This is done to perform additional work such as cutting, shearing & crushing.

  • Backhoe

You can see the backhoe excavators very easily on the road & construction sites. These have the capability to perform various tasks. It is found to be heavy equipment having a tractor-like unit fitted with a loader-style bucket on the front and a backhoe on the back. 

These can easily hold landscaping jobs of all types, like moving material from one location to another, digging up trees and many more. 

These also be used for loading trucks, boulders, or moving dirt, pushing topsoil into place, and mining sites. Excavators have restrictions on working in rocky, muddy areas.

  • Mini excavators

There are two types of Mini excavators, the one with a conventional tail swing in which the house will extend beyond the tracks through the complete rotation. 

The other with zero tail swing whose house diameter stays within the track’s width through the complete rotation. 

The boom swing operation of mini excavators is one of the important features for operators to dig alongside obstacles with lesser restrictions and better visibility. 

Concluding words

Whenever you want excavators for sale, It is better to use them for rent. These are very heavy equipment mainly used in construction sites to perform heavy tasks that are out of manpower. 


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