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E-Learning App Development: A Complete Guide to Know

After the evolution of E-learning apps, the educational sector has seen massive growth. It has emerged as a leading business model. Today, we all know how to use smart devices, and as a result, companies are taking advantage of technology to provide a more creative way of learning.

These apps have now become a vital part of the life of students, teachers, parents and other learners. eLearning app development services have changed the mode of learning from traditional classrooms to e-classrooms.

Let’s discuss-

What e-Learning exactly is?

E-learning is a platform that offers distance knowledge to users. With the help of technology, users can study their aspired course from everywhere and at any time. There are many ways by which an apprentice can easily access the study material, including blogs, podcasts, videos, audio, programs, educational apps, and many more. It helps the learners to complete their education and training objectives with greater ease and flexibility similar with the traditional classroom-based learning.

Why are eLearning apps essential?

E-learning apps are useful in various forms; these apps do not only offer the expertise of education, but it also helps in promoting new skills and understanding among the learners, which result in achieving valuable qualifications. Following are the reasons why these apps are vital-

  • Online Learning Aids Everyone’s Requirements
  • Lectures Can Be Taken Number of Times
  • Allows Access to Updated Content
  • Quick Delivery of Lessons
  • Scalability
  • Consistency
  • Reduced Costs
  • Effectiveness
  • Less Impact on the Environment

How big is the eLearning app market?

The global eLearning market reaches to excel $275 billion worth by 2022. The market size was expected to reach USD 165.21 billion in 2015 and is predicted to grow around 7.5% CAGR during the 2015-22 period. The major factors promoting the eLearning market include:

  • Low cost
  • Easy accessibility
  • A move towards flexible education solutions
  • Increased effectiveness by animated learning
  • Enhanced internet penetration
  • Raised in number of smartphones

Types of eLearning Applications:-

The educational experts have differentiated the E-Learning application in multiple types including-

  • Synchronous Online learning- It allows the group of learners to participate in a learning activity together via online chats and video conferencing. It facilitates real-time interaction between tutors and learners.
  • Asynchronous Online Learning- It is a student-centric platform on which students can independently study from anywhere. The students highly prefer it as it offers flexibility to a great extent.
  • Adaptive learning- It is an innovative way of learning in which learners can adapt and design the study material according to their requirements. It helps in boosting the morale and creativity of the users.

Benefits of eLearning Application:

E-learning apps offer varied advantages in different ways including-

  • Flexibility to select the content
  • It keeps the learning process continuous
  • Freedom of Age
  • Quick and easy access to information.
  • High efficiency
  • Boost motivation and engagement.
  • Lower prices
  • Learning is available for people with disabilities
  • Improves Collaboration
  • Offers immense business opportunities

Must-have features in eLearning app-

A beneficial e-learning app must contain the following features-

  • Self-Registration
  • Responsive Design Features
  • Video-based Content
  • Interactive Content
  • Live Tutorials and Sessions
  • Testing Knowledge
  • Offline Mode
  • Gamification
  • Social Media Integration
  • Personalized Experience
  • Push Notifications

Cost to build an eLearning application:

The cost of developing an e-learning application depends on multiple factors such as app requirements, app design, features and functionalities platforms, regions, Front end & Backend development and others. If we calculate the average value of all the factors, then it may cost around $8000-$25000. And if you want to develop an app with advanced features, then it may cost you about $35000.

Wrapping up- 

Today, e-learning applications are an innovative method that offers exclusive learning experiences to the learners. Therefore, after witnessing the growing demand, it is the best time for the companies to invest in e-learning app development services and heightens their business.

Naveen Khanna

Naveen Khanna is the founder of eBizneeds, a company renowned for its bespoke mobile app development and web development in eCommerce app development and fintech development. Our team is lean and innovative, perfect for working with creative startups with a blue ocean strategy, aiming to create new products and services. Even If you are an established firm, our professional processes will ensure your project is carried out to the highest standards.

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