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Does The Pap Smear Test Help To Reveal Cancer?

Pap smear tests are critical tools that help save more lives from cervical cancer. Suppose there are any irregular cells in the cervix; the tests will help in the early detection before they become cancerous. These tests are designed to tell if there are precancerous or cancerous cells in the cervix. A pap smear walk in clinic help patients to get pap smear tests. Gynecologists conduct these tests. In a pap smear walk in clinic, the doctor can also test for human papillomavirus, the leading cause of cervical cancer in women. Suppose the outcome from these tests turns out negative. It means you might have an infection, cancer, or health issue. Here are more details regarding pap smears; keep reading.

The Main Aim of Performing a Pap Smear Test

Primarily, pap smears are conducted alongside other pelvic exams at a pap smear walk in clinic, Arleta. If you are 30 years old, these tests are conducted alongside human papillomavirus. HPV is a disease-causing virus that sexually transmits. If not detected earlier, this virus might cause cervical cancer. Usually, you and the doctor will decide the best time to perform the tests and how often they should be done.

You are mostly encouraged to undergo pap smear tests once you reach 21 years. After the initial examination, you will need to get the tests every two to three years. Suppose you have turned 30 years; you are suggested to take the tests every three to five years. If you have a high chance of getting cervical cancer, the doctor suggests you get a pap smear test often. Some risks that might increase the chances of getting cervical cancer include;

  • HIV
  • A weak immune system
  • If you were exposed to DES at birth

Advantages of Getting a Pap Smear Test

It is critical to get pap smears regularly. The main benefit of getting these tests is that they allow you to know if these cancerous cells might result in cervical cancer. The tests enable you to understand your cervical cancer since it can impact your whole reproductive health. With these tests, you can avoid advanced stages of cancer because of the early detection.

The outcome of a pap smear test conducted will help you detect any abnormal cells that might result in cervical cancer. Also, a pap smear walk in clinic will help detect and eliminate the spread of other severe viruses like HPV. Typically, the HPV virus tends to attack the vagina and the cervical area. It can result in the space of cancer cells. Each pap smear test offers vital detail regarding the underlying natural health issue. Another great advantage of getting a pap smear test is that it helps detect the risk factors that might cause life-long ailments or infections.

Eligibility for a Pap Smear Test

Women who are 21 years and above should start getting pap smears. Doctors recommend this age because the reproductive system will have fully developed at this time. But if you are sexually active and are not 21 yet, you can still get these tests. Suppose you are a virgin; you can also get these tests. But having abnormal cervical cells at this point is impossible. After the first test, you will need to come back every two to three years, and if you are 30 years, you will need the test after every three to five years alongside HPV tests.


Visiting a pap smear walk in clinic is critical as you can detect the presence of cancerous cells in your cervix. These tests are lifesavers and have helped save more lives from cervical cancer. A gynecologist will collect the cell samples from your cervix using a small soft brush. These samples examine at the lab to help detect the presence of precancerous cells. During these tests, you will not experience any pain. The procedure considers to be safe.

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