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Delete cash app history: from all transactions to whole account past details

Steps to Delete the Cash App Transaction History

One possible way to delete Cash App transaction history is being discussed here. If the real intention behind this action is trustable, then the following are the procedural array of steps to carry out.

Fact but attempt to try

If you ask whether we can delete the history in the transaction?. The untold answer is no. It is in no way an option possible to try. Differently, you can completely delete your app account hereafter.

Primary noticeable real-time fact

The process of deleting is a one-time washout. Never can we regain the history or app log in again. It’s not like other apps or social media platforms to deactivate temporarily.

A crucial decision though requires strong determination

The process of deleting cashtag, account history, and other details are permanently deleted. If you want an account again, then you need to open a new account, which is seen as a new account entirely.

All the past history is permanently eradicated. But Cash App legally had to restore a few history or details. But the exact information stored is not stated clearly by the financial team.

It is the strategy for the financial team to have all the details in hand. Definitely, having records is always safe.


Though that is, there is a download copy available to download the old history prior to the deleting of the account. This is because it is hard to retrieve the details following the deletion of the account. Now, in the below session, the details are clearly discussed.

Procedure to download and delete Cash App history

A requirement for a desktop or pc is mandatory. Now, you may launch any browser and install the cash App from its website, then log in to the App and click ‘statements’ from the dashboard.

*scroll down the drop-down menu to search for ‘Export CSV’.
*your history from an account is extracted as a CSV file
This may sound simple though, but while processing it is tough to carry forward without any confusion.

How Can I Delete Cash App account :

Following the download of your history, open it in the determined device(IOS/ Android)

On the menu bar, click on ‘profile icon’ option
Choose the ‘support’ option as the third step.
Choose ‘something else’ like the ‘more’ option in other apps.
Among this list, choose ‘Account Settings’
Click on the option in the scroll bar, ‘Close your Cash App account’
Here comes the difficult task wherein you need to read a bit of the information.

This information is to provide awareness on your following action as you close the App. Now choose the ‘confirm’ option if you are very sure. Unless you confirm, they cannot decide.
Now you have reached your destiny of permanently closing your account.
Delete the App from all the installed devices. This is to ensure safety and permanent uniform erasing.
If you have linked PayPal to the account, then you need to carry forward the same with your account over there too.

Forget not this step! It’s very important.

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