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Customer Tips For Design Service Pages

In a physical store, people can speak to the salesperson when they buy something. This will help them make an informed purchase decision.

In eCommerce and SaaS businesses, this is quite different. Customer service representatives cannot communicate with these customers face-to-face nor can they contact the seller directly. The process is done online.

It can show positive changes in the output graph if this aspect of marketing is on the website.

Our goal in this article is to provide seven tips that you can incorporate into your website’s customer service page. Here are a few of them

  1. Personalized Customer Accounts

Websites that offer customer accounts are essential for eCommerce and SaaS businesses. 

If, however, you think customer accounts only benefit certain businesses, you might want to reconsider. No matter what type of business you run, customers want to be remembered. You can welcome and make your customers feel special with customer accounts that are easy to set up and login to.

Additionally, these accounts can also be personalized. A meaningful dashboard can be anything from an avatar to a personalized avatar. To add personal touches, you don’t need to think outside the box. This profile can even help you understand what your customers expect from you.

  1. Create channels to guide people

Support options for confused customers are affected by three factors: their identity, the issue they’re facing, and how much support the company has. 

When a user needs to reset their password, he will be best served by the pre-posted document, rather than waiting for some executive to respond to his request. 

The most effective way to calm angry customers is to talk to them on the phone. A robot might not be the best choice for communication.

Additionally, your customer service team can provide much more value than simply resetting a password. Your business and customers will both benefit from thoughtful design and adding layers.

Squarespace, for instance, asks its customers first to categorize their questions. The site then displays the most relevant results. Squarespace offers email and live chat support if a customer cannot find what they’re looking for.

  1. Use live chat and chatbots

By ensuring that customers have a pleasant interaction with your company and staff, you can win customer loyalty.

Technology sometimes interferes with the personal aspect of things. It is not hard for customers to distinguish between an individual who is genuinely interested in their questions and one who is only sending automated responses. Because of this, businesses are now modifying their websites’ chat process features to make them more helpful.

If we look at it long term, combining live chat outsourcing with chatbots is beneficial. Due to the functionalities of this software, quality assurance will be on par with that of combining it. 

The chatbot will first answer basic questions for customer service. Humans can always step in if machines fail to satisfy customers. Saving time and money, and improving customer service are two ways that it contributes to business results staying on track. 

  1. Waiting games

It might be necessary to keep your customer waiting in some cases. They may have to wait while their account is being set up by an expert, while the page loads, or while a customer service executive looks for something. In these situations, customers become restless and irritable.

Adding an interactive element to the web page, such as web games, can alleviate this issue. This game will occupy, distract, and more importantly, amuse a customer who was otherwise irritated if you are able to strategically convince them to open it. After the work is completed, you can instruct them to exit the game.

  1. Frequently Asked Questions

You should consider creating a FAQs section if you notice that your customer service team is answering the same questions over and over again. Adding relevant content in this way to help resolve confused customers’ queries is one of the simplest yet most effective ways to help.

An FAQ section can help you address some of the most common pain points, reducing the number of calls and emails you receive. To help your customers find what they need quickly, you should always organize your FAQ section by category. All of your channels should have access to this section, whether they are social media, your website, or your blog. You and your customers will both benefit from this.

  1. Expected response time

As we discussed above, it may be necessary to wait for a response sometimes. Even so, waiting is still among the hardest things a customer service representative has to do. 

It is advisable to let customers know how long they should expect to wait unless your company provides real-time support. The decision becomes easier for them once they know the expected time. As a result, they become more confident in getting a response.

If an email is expected to take one day to respond, customers might try self-service to resolve the issue. Conversely, if the wait time is within the acceptable range, the customer might do something else while waiting for the solution.

  1. Live demonstrations and webinars

The internet has been dominated by video content if you are socially up-to-date. Videos are being watched by more people than ever before. Information can be shared quickly, clearly, and efficiently in this way. Video is useful for people who prefer to learn visually.

Engage your customers by making a short video for each problem you are trying to solve. The organization and categorization of videos become easier when they target specific issues. 

The best videos for demos, tutorials, and help should be short. To learn how your products work, you can conduct half-hour webinars.

These demos and webinars appear very helpful and convenient when they are added to the customer service page. With the best webinar software online, you can plan your next webinar content and make this a reality.

Final Thoughts

It is important to offer your customers a variety of options when it comes to customer service. By doing so, you will ensure a high retention rate. Local brand advocates can be turned into existing customers. New leads need to be nurtured as well. 

Hence, a customer service page should resemble a ladder, where they need only climb up to the point where they can see their solution. Our goal is to help you create a great customer service page by following the tips above.

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