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Contact cake smash photographer for a memorable photoshoot

A cake smash photographer requires a setup like any other photoshoot. That’s how you would take a professional cake smash photograph. The setup is around babies, so it does not require much heavy equipment. Instead, you can create a celebrating environment with props, light, camera, etc., and minimal staging. 

The following have sorted this matter out, discussed the first birthday cake smash photographer near me, and followed their working methods. Let’s know- 

Have a proper light setup

For cake smash photography, ensure the light comes from any side if you prefer natural light. It will give a proper dimension to the center where your baby with the cake will sit. 

If you have no choice but to depend on artificial light, you need 1/2 extra light considering the room. Several experts suggest not using front light as it is not a very good option for this type of professional photography. 

Which camera and lens should you use? 

As for a birthday cake smash photographer, Canon is one of the most popular, widely used camera brands, and you can also consider their camera lenses. 

Moreover, about the lens, you can pick a wide-angle lens that can get you near to the baby for a closer shot. Experts recommend using a prime lens if you shoot in a small room without much space. Several professional photographers use the macro lens as well for cake smash photography. 

Pick an attractive theme

Also, you can use a theme to entice the kids; make it as appropriately colorful as possible. Ensure the party theme matches your cake, background, and decoration well. 

Make the background simply cute

As you are shooting for a baby celebration party, not much complicated or extra decorated background is necessary. However, the first birthday cake smash photographer near me suggests using your background better. 

If you are shooting indoors for cake smash, you can also have your decoration. Therefore, you can use any plain color background, vinyl, or backdrop piece. Moreover, you can find themes and backgrounds on e-commerce sites for the best photoshoots. 

If you are shooting outdoors, you do not have to worry about the background; instead, focus on beautifying the scene where the baby will be seated. Whatever background you have for a shoot, decorate it with some props and balloons; it will be more vibrant. Use paper or cotton balls, toys, gift boxes, etc.  


Decide your color scheme and highlight it with a cute frilly romper or classic nappy cover and bow tie. Check with the birthday cake smash photographer if they include this, as some have set outfits for you to wear instead of purchasing your own.

Have something to play with

What suitable props can be for kids 1 to 4 years old babies? Therefore, you can pick something soft and harmless. 

Among the props, you can use playthings such as cotton balls, soft toys or plushies, bunting flags, candies, balloons, and so on. Moreover, you can use foods such as donuts, chocolates, fruits, and many more. As these birthday props work as a tool for them to play, having these can help you to keep the baby from moving around. 

Have your cake ready

Birthday cake smash photographers suggest picking sponge cakes as those are accessible for the tiny hands to crumble. Some cake smash specialists recommend not using red and brown cake as it will not look as cute as other colors. Instead, you can use plain and simple color cakes like white, pink, green, baby blue, yellow, etc. 

Ensure clean ambiance

Working with food and baby together is sure to get messy for perfect birthday smash photography. So ensure to have everything from time to time. For that, you can tell your customers to bring towels for their babies, and you can have baby wipes and towels for your use. Moreover, having a clean environment will help everyone to stay focused and perfect photoshoots.

You can research the first birthday cake smash photographer near me. Look at local photographers’ Facebook and other websites to see if you like their style and weigh it against the amount and inclusions. Cake Smash packages are simple and include the 15 minutes of fun saved on your USB or the cost of the cake and family photography before smashing the cake.

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