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Consider Business Growth With Equity Finance!

Strategic planning in all facets of your business operations is necessary to build a valued and equitable business. This will allow you to manage your cash strategically, diversify and reinvest in your business & create recognizable brands.

All these elements are crucial to creating lasting value and equity by the time you’re ready to sell your business because your company should operate as an asset in and of itself.

Working with equity business finance means you have a stake in a business that will help you grow the business. Quality financing is a small business financing strategy that entails securing capital from investors to fund your enterprise.

Equity financing includes obtaining funding by selling investors shares of your company. A business owner who employs equity financing sells a portion of their ownership stake in the company.

Now, let’s talk about the benefits business gets from equity financing.

Benefits of financing

When you are starting your own business by using your capital income, this may take a long time in the whole process. With equity funding, you could grow the company much faster, giving you a competitive advantage in quickly moving markets.

Here are some equity benefits-

  • Freedom from debt allows you to concentrate on your growth plans without worrying about making timely loan payments.
  • Business contacts, expertise, and experience – Some investors will contribute much more than just capital. They’ll bring value by sharing their skills, contacts & knowledge, which can help your firm expand.
  • More capital can be raised – Equity business finance typically enables you to raise higher sums of money than debt financing.
  • Follow on finance – As your business expands, investors are frequently willing to make additional investments.

When you are aware of the advantages, you will get. Now, you can find out the answer to the question:

Where can you use Equity finance?

Equity finance is the used asset finance that will always benefit businesses. Researching all the available funding choices is usually a smart idea because equity finance isn’t the best solution for every organization.

  • Situations in which it might be an effective strategy:

In the early stages of development, your business lacks the credit history or assets necessary to obtain a bank loan with tech start-ups, where there may be significant intellectual assets but limited physical assets, this is frequently the case.

They frequently have costs to meet throughout the pre-revenue stage, such as research and development. Equity investing may be your best or only choice if you need to raise a sizable sum of money merely to get started.

  • When you are established organization:

As an established business, you must be looking to expand your business more into the market. This can help you make the repayments on loan and may help you enhance your ability to grow quickly.

How does it work?

When a business is transitioning from a start-up to a successful enterprise, it may obtain equity capital through multiple rounds from various investors.

When you secure equity business financing, the investor will get a stake in your business. However, you should be able to build a more significant, successful business by accepting funding.

With the appropriate investor, you’ll receive not only a financial boost but also the knowledge and connections you need to advance your company.

You can get equity business finance from various sources such as family & friends, financial institutions, venture capital, etc.

Are you looking for an equipment financer for your business? Speirs Finance supports your businesses to achieve long term sustainability and looking at finance beyond any individual transaction. We will work with you to structure finance appropriately to match your intended use while keeping monthly payments affordable.

“Speirs Finance” is well known and respected in the history of the New Zealand Asset Finance sector. It’s a trusted brand whose past success was underpinned by a departure.  From employed sales staff to highly motivated and experienced self-employed Finance Professionals as Agents for the business.

we are a specialist Equipment Financier, for small to medium sized businesses, who want to bring back people dealing with people to the finance industry.

We know business and understand equity business finance. Through our nationwide Network of Accredited Agents, we will work with you to structure finance appropriately to match your intended use of it, while keeping monthly payments affordable.


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