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Complete Guide To Use Root Genius App

Are you an admirer of Android devices? Any idea about the root genius app. Then don’t keep a full stop and follow this article because it is designed for you. Many users are comparable to Android devices in that they are very much easier to use, cheap, and have smooth features. So don’t you feel like upgrading your device with more features? Don’t worry there is a way that is using rooting tools.

In the rooting tool market, you can obtain lots of rooting tools such as the Kinroot app, Kingo root app,iRoot app,vRoot app, Root Genius app, Rootkhp, and up to a thousand rooting tools are there. Among these, the Root Genius app is a just one-click program that wraps with the fastest, easiest, and freefall qualities.

Android is under Google.Google divided the devices into various manufacturing companies and they prepared the OS as the devices. Here you will not access some features. That time we can use a proper rooting tool Like a Root Genius to root the device and approach it as a superuser.

Root Genius APK Download

The APK download version is for mobile phones so you can take a journey to search for the rooting tool to the website. Root Genius APK downloads software born from China by the talented team Shuame. Because of that, the software is developed in the Chinese Language. At the same time, you can go through both English and Chinese if you are not Chinese or not very familiar with the Chinese language.

Root Genius APK download supports all android versions, including gingerbread, ice cream, Marshmallow, oreo, P, sandwich, lollipop, KitKat, and a lot. In fact, it helps several  Android family devices in the company of the best luckiest proportions such as Sony, Samsung, HTC, Huawei, Xiaomi, Motorola, LG, Oppo, and many more. Once you download the Root Genius APK to these Android devices you must need to read it completely for doing this process. By the way, it is a single-click software rooting tool in this day on the market for android devices.

Root Genius app for PC

If you touch up the personal computer you must take the Root Genius app for the PC rooting tool to root your Android device. With the help of the Root Genius for PC, you can connect the connection by the cables and mobile device if you fail with the APK app. Root Genius is an app for PC that is better than APK format because you can get a large interface and clearly do your process very well.

The upside of the Root Genius App

  • You can takeoff the pre-installed apps when you root the device
  • Installing custom ROM’s /Kernels
  • Hold up the OS system of the Android to the new one
  • Can take the complete rights apart from the manufactured company 
  • Total recovery support and backup
  • Flashing stock ROM
  • Freshen up the memory
  • Lead to have the long battery life
  • Keep the device efficiently
  • The accuracy of the device speed will be increased 
  • Free charge to download the Root Genius tool for the android users
  • Approach just a single tick
  • Widely spread to over ten thousand Android instruments

The downside of the Root Genius

  • No more connections with the manufactured company and device user
  • Lost the security chances
  • Your mobile is not updated with the software anymore 
  • Manufacture companies  will cancel the licenses totally
  • After rooting the device completely manufactured company avoids up to that

Steps to root Android device with Root Genius app free download without the computer

  • Unlock the phone and come upon to google play store on your device and get a download
  • The download will be APK version
  • Travel to the “settings” and tap the option “About phone”
  • Tap on the Build number 10 times and go to the developer option
  • Enable the USB debugging and then you can carry your device
  • Now you are able to spot the app on your home screen. Touch it and root your phone until it will finish
  • If you are not sure about the root can look at the google play store and download any root checker to verify 

Steps to root Android device with Root Genius app free download with the computer

  • Enter the download Root Genius app free for the Windows PC version on your computer
  • Unlock the mobile phone. Go to the “settings”.Tap the applications and go to the developer option
  • Enable the USB debugging
  • Link your phone with the USB cable and connect to the computer 
  • Access the rooting program and it will find the connection of your device whether it is correct or not
  • Hook the “root now” option on the interface to root your device completely
  • Lastly, you can disconnect your device from the PC when you see the victorious screen

Some tips Before downloading the Root Genius App

  • Backup your valuable data from an Android device
  • Enable the USB debugging before consulting the Root Genius Free download app
  • Make certain with the active WIFI connection because the downloading depends on it
  • Check the latest version of the tools
  • Fully charged both your Android phone and personal computer 
  • Download and install the supportive drivers to the computer

Versions of Root Genius app

  • Root Genius-v2.2.89
  • Root Genius-v2.2.84
  • Root Genius-v2.2.83
  • Root Genius-v2.2.82
  • Root Genius-v1.3.48
  • Root Genius-v1.3.47
  • Root Genius-v1.6.64
  • Root Genius-v1.4.55
  • Root Genius-v1.4.51
  • Root Genius-v1.6.73
  • Root Genius-v1.6.69

Root Genius -v2.2.89 is the latest version of the Root Genius app.

Little about the Root Genius…….

Because of its user-friendly features, all will admire rooting their device with the Root Genius app. Not only that but also it is highly coded by the expert team from china. Would you be willing to root your device? They quickly target the Root Genius free app and keep reading more. Enjoy the rooting tool and share the experience with others more and more.

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