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Common Queries About SMO Company in India

Nowadays, social media is not only confined to networking and adding friends and followers. It has got a commercial phase which is benefitting every level of the business. Be it a startup or a large-scale business, social media is helping every sect of the business in an efficient manner. For example, for startups, social media can become a good tool to gather visibility and generate some leads out of their quirky ideas. But for an organization that is 100 years old and well established, social media can act as a platform wherein they can show their achievements, testimonials, the message from the CEO, CSR activities, etc.

When we delve into the social media world, there are some common queries from the people who use social media just for leisure purposes. In this blog, we are going to discuss some of the common questions that appear to be mysteries for common people.

Do I need a separate social media profile to run my ads?

The answer is NO. You don’t require a different social media account even if you are outsourcing your social media channels optimization to the best digital marketing company in India you can give them the editor, and advertiser access. The major issue that comes up with a secondary account is that it can get banned anytime and you have to submit your vital documents like PAN, and Adhaar to social media channels. Once you submit it for a secondary account, you won’t be able to reuse it for any other account.

Why should I outsource SMO Services when I can use Social Media on my own?

Commenting, liking, and sharing on social media is an easy task. Even a teenager is more proficient in doing it. But running ads on Social Media Business Manager becomes a herculean task. To optimize your landing page with the social media channel. You need to embed pixels of the social media into the landing page. So that you can keep track of where your audience is coming from. This is far different from the general use of social media. For this, you require the best SMO Company India.

Why it is always necessary to keep a watch on competitors?

For example, if you are selling web hosting packages and one of your competitors is offline due to technical issues. Then you have the best chance to grab the disappointed visitors who want to avail the services of your competitors. This becomes a great opportunity for you to run targeted campaigns and give those angry customers another option.

My business is running well, why do I need social media presence?

You can easily use social media to target keywords that are related to your industry so that people who are searching for those products can easily see your ads. The general keywords do not have the potential to increase sales. But they increase brand awareness that will eventually increase your brand’s visibility.


Even if you are a tech junkie and social media enthusiast, the social media presence is determined by multiple factors that can be handled by the best digital marketing company in India. If you are looking for SMO Company India then always ensure to get them from the industry’s experts.

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