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Choosing Between Armed and Unarmed Security Guards

Today, business leaders recognize that they confront different threats than they did ten years ago. No matter what type of business you run, a security plan is critical and must be a top priority. Security guards are an important part of any good security system for most firms.

Trained security specialists offer a variety of advantages to business owners. This is what makes them important. Protection guards provide you with more than just a sense of security and peace of mind; they also allow you to focus on running your business. It’s a no-brainer to determine whether security guards are appropriate for your company. The dilemma is whether you should hire armed or unarmed security guards to defend your company.

Differences between armed and unarmed Security Guards?

The distinction between an armed guard and an unarmed guard may be straightforward. But there is more to think about as a business owner. Unarmed Security Guards do not have access to a firearm. But they may have access to other weapons that can give protection without being dangerous. Pepper spray, a taser, or a baton are examples of these weapons.

On the other hand, armed security personnel can carry a handgun. Armed guards have more training. They are also required to have more extensive certifications due to the increased level of protection. Due to this reason, Armed guards can be more expensive than unarmed Security Guards.

Which option is right for you?

You first need to see what type of business you run. Then decide whether you need an armed or unarmed guard. Companies more vulnerable to crime, such as courthouses, jewelry stores, banks, and even medical facilities. So they may benefit from the presence of an armed guard. Unarmed Security Guards may be sufficient protection for businesses that face lower-level threats. Businesses like convenience stores or retail stores that do not have big sums of money or expensive items should hire unarmed Security Guards.

Aside from the type of business you run, additional factors can influence your decision. Companies that operate in high-crime regions or deal with high-value items or huge sums of money may require armed security. High-traffic areas and huge events may necessitate a combination of armed and unarmed Security Guards to ensure proper safety.

Deciding factors:

When you’ve decided to engage security guards to defend your company, you first need to consider your security risks and budget. Then, get in touch with a seasoned security firm with a solid reputation in the field.

What are your threats?

Consider the nature of your business and assess your level of risk. Consider the types of crimes you’re likely to encounter. And check whether they’re non-violent offenses. Consider what level of protection you would need to address your dangers.

You can have extensive protection by having top-of-the-line armed guards. But if your greatest threat is loitering or the occasional act of vandalism, that level of security may be excessive. Too much security can often go over your budget. It can also dissuade clients from doing business with you.

What is your budget?

Unarmed security guards are less expensive than armed guards. Armed security guards must have additional training, licensing, and insurance. The extra cost is worth it if armed guards are the degree of security your company demands. On the other hand, unarmed security guards can offer you the protection you require if you have a more limited security budget. They are well-trained and experienced. Moreover, they also prevent potential threats and provide you with the value you seek.


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