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Changing Style In Indian Art Forms

India is home to diverse cultures flourishing through centuries in the heart of our subcontinent. From the Indus Valley Civilization to the modern age, art has undergone a superficial change with the advent of technology and changing lifestyle of the modern era.

Indian art forms include painting, sculpture, pottery, and even textile art. Every foreign invasion in our country introduced different art forms, eventually revolutionising our painters and authors of all kinds and their expressions.

Indian Art Form

When we talk about India, we talk about a nation with a great historical background in terms of art and culture.

The Vedic and Mauryan periods were the stepping stone to our growing civilisation. All this was followed by the Gupta Period and other kingdoms that left their mark on our history in the form of art.’

Later in the medieval era, Mughals influenced Indian art like no other. “Razmnama”, for example, was a Persian-translated textbook of the Indian epic “Mahabharata”. Hence, the word “art” is very much associated with our culture. It’s impossible to imagine India without cave paintings, old manuscripts, and historical paintings of a Sultan sitting on his throne. Hence, art, in its way, has changed too.

Examples of few Indian Arts

These are few Indian Arts types which admired around the world are listed below:

  1. Madhubani Painting: Located in Bihar. This painting primarily consists of images of mythological images of god, flora and fauna. This is most popular among women in that region.
  2. Warli Painting: This is one of India’s most ancient art forms. Found near the Western Ghats, it mainly depicts the natural and social rituals of the tribes.
  3. Paintings of Bakula Nayak: She is a modern artist who has a passion for love, passion, and freedom. She uses mixed pictures to express her passion, influenced mainly by Western art and creativity.

People now across the globe admire and appreciate Indian art forms. Even many online websites have come up where Indian paintings and sculptures always attract more visitors than others. Now let us discuss the changes that got introduced in our Indian art form.

Firstly, online galleries have gained immense popularity, especially in recent times. Now people across the globe can view any painting from the comfort of their room for purchasing something or for just random browsing. The way to buy paintings online India has just got a bit easier.

Secondly, online marketing enables to attract more viewers to any online exhibition. In addition, it saves artists and viewers time and money. The process to buy art online is now more economical and less stressful for both sides. Thirdly, this medium is a brilliant career option for beginner and amateur artists. They can quickly auction their Original Paintings for sale. Whether you belong to a rural or an urban area, if your internet connectivity works well, you can quickly begin your career as an artist. Last but not least, such exhibitions have also inspired young minds, and young artists can also view their art in the context of comparison. In a nutshell, many students have also opted to study further in the field of Art and Culture, which has eventually stimulated the popularity of such exhibitions.

Changing Style of Art Forms

Even though both are appreciable, modern art forms have striking differences from the ancient ones. Previously art was a more specific purpose, but now it also serves as an artefact reflecting a particular culture, religion, and politics. The ancient art form was more informal and abiding by social norms that reflected society as a whole.

On the other hand, modern art is more formal and expressive. Contemporary artists question and oppose everything and have a uniquely global appeal.

Last but not least, Ancient art mainly included paintings and cave paintings which used sculpture forms primarily. Whereas modern art also includes Pop art, video art, and minimal art.

Modern art mainly includes New European Paintings, Photorealism (prevalent in Latin America and Africa), Post war European figurative paintings, Pop Art (most prevalent in Europe, the USA, and Asia), Kinetic Art(including Canvas paintings of 3D objects), Video Art (the latest form of art used by graphic designers and editors all over the world) and Visionary Art.

Online art exhibitions and original art for sale were already on the scene before 2020. But with the advent of the Covid-19 pandemic, this exhibition form is on a constant rise. The enormous change in style, technique, and medium through which art is portrayed always presents a new set of ideas for the viewer before he chooses to decorate his home or his office.

Nowadays, several online platforms have come up with the idea of an online exhibition of their art, and Artshoppy is one of those. Here you can buy any contemporary art online for your office or your home, or your loved one

Buy paintings online in India:

Through our website, you can view our art gallery as many times as you want from the comfort of your home. Hence, there’s no need to take time out of your busy schedule and visit any store for purchase. Artshoppy’s website has several unique features where you can “Find professionals” and also view “Story”, through which you can check out our reviews.

Original paintings for sale:

Artshoppy never compromises on its quality. Hence, you can buy original paintings to decorate your walls, and you can even interact online with our artists and painters and enquire about the art. Whether it’s about the inspiration behind the art or the method used to produce such skill. You can always enquire about our artist and purchase “Original paintings” even without visiting art galleries or stores.

Buy art online:

Not just paintings, you can also view and purchase sculptures, wall hangings, and so much more from our Artshoppy website. Since the inception of art and culture, Sculptures have always been appreciated by art diggers and the general public.

Yes, we do understand purchasing anything online always involves a risk of fake authorisation or payment issues. However, Artshoppy sells 100% original art, and that too at a very affordable rate. Till now, no complaint has been submitted against our store.


You must have an idea by now how much Indian art has changed and its influence on our society. In a nutshell, if you are thinking of buying something for your office or your new home, or your beloved ones. You must visit an online art gallery at least once, and I am pretty sure you will surprise to see such contemporary original online art for sale nowadays. Till then, goodbye and enjoy shopping.  

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