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CCNA training in Chandigarh

How to pass the CCNA certification exam?

The CCNA certification is a certification exam administered by Cisco Systems. This is a qualification that mainly proves basic network-related knowledge and skills such as how to use products provided by Cisco Systems. This CCNA qualification is world-famous, and it is no exaggeration to say that no one in the network engineering community does not know about it. It is a very important qualification test for those who work as network engineers. If you want to pass the CCNA certification exam, you can take CCNA training in Chandigarh.

CCNA is a qualification that requires basic knowledge of networks

CCNA is an abbreviation for Certified Network Associate and is an associate-level qualification exam. In addition to basic networking knowledge, the exam requires skills related to handling Catalyst switches and Cisco routers.

CCNA is a qualification recommended for many engineers because it proves they have basic network knowledge.

Benefits of obtaining a CCNA

Advantageous when finding a job or changing jobs

ICT skills are not directly visible, so it isn’t easy to prove even if you actually have the skills. At that time, by obtaining a certification such as CCNA or CCNP, you can prove that you have a certain level of knowledge and skills.

It can be used to measure skills and knowledge at a glance when looking for a job or changing jobs. If you have a CCNA certificate, you will be able to convey your practical experience more easily.

Improved internal evaluation

The CCNA will improve your internal evaluation in a straightforward manner if you have a qualification allowance in your company.

Besides that, you can also expect the effect of improving your internal evaluation by showing your attitude that you are continuing to make efforts outside of work. Continuous learning is essential to get CCNA. Therefore, being able to acquire these qualifications also proves that you are a person who can continue to strive toward your goals.

As technology changes rapidly in the IT industry, it is important to maintain a stance to keep up. Thus, continuous effort is necessary, and since it is related to acquiring qualifications, internal evaluation should improve.

Improve skills

Several Cisco systems use network knowledge certification, so studying for qualifications can bring great benefits to your career.

Moreover, it is necessary to acquire skills and knowledge that are not used in normal work.

In addition to handling Cisco routers and Catalyst switches, by improving the knowledge and skills of the entire network, you will be able to apply it in terms of design and operation.

CCNA training in Chandigarh

Tips for Passing the CCNA Exam

Here are some tips for passing the CCNA exam.

What is the passing line?

Currently, there is no official pass line, but an 80 to 90% correct answer rate is generally considered to be required.  Every year, network technology changes, and the degree of difficulty increases, so take the exam thoroughly prepared.

Understand test coverage

It’s not specific to the CCNA exam, but it’s important to know what content is included in the exam. Be sure to understand.

Play CCNA’s WEB workbook

The most important point for passing the CCNA exam is to “do the workbook.” With “Ping-t,” you can solve the web problem collection just by registering as a free member, so let’s use such a site to solve the web problem collection more and more.

What if I passed my CCNA certification?

You will receive your certificate about a month after passing the exam. If you want to prove that you have passed before you receive your certificate, there is a tracking system, so please check the official website.

CCNA certifications also have expiration dates. In order to renew the expiration date, it is necessary to take a recertification test, so do not forget to renew it. If you want to pass the CCNA exam. You can join CCNA training in Chandigarh.

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