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Can we make SOLAR PANELS at home?

Electricity permeates the life of modern man. All mechanisms that facilitate his life and work use it as the basis of their work, converting the flow of electrons into action, light, heat, or cold. Like everything used in our world Top Ten Solar Companies in Pakistan, its resource is renewable, but it has its own production cost, which, probably, all users of energy supply systems want to reduce. One of the reduction options would be a do-it-yourself solar battery.

Renewable energy systems have not been ubiquitous due to the high initial price of component components.
Do not forget that every generating source of electricity requires periodic maintenance. For example, lubricating the rotating parts of wind, water, and tidal generators, cleaning glass and solar panel surfaces, and periodically checking, washing, and moving Peltier elements.

To reduce the cost of launching your ecological mini-power plant, you can assemble it yourself from improvised materials or ready-made parts. As the most economical, and requiring the least attention during operation, it is recommend to use solar panels.

The design and principle of operation of the solar battery
Before you start installing a system for converting light into electricity, you need to understand the general principles of its operation.

Top Ten Solar Companies in Pakistan

All currently existing solar batteries are built base on semiconductor crystals. Light quanta, falling on them, are deprived of free electrons and protons, which subsequently, through the PN junction, are separate and sent further along the wires.

Every second, for every meter of the Earth’s surface area, sunlight is equivalent to more than 100 watts of electricity. We are talking about those periods when the sky is cover with clouds. In bright sunlight, this figure is, of course, higher.

For practical home use, light flux quanta are convert into electricity using semiconductors. The generated power of the latter depends on the material of the solar battery and its area.
Varieties of photocells and their features

In solar energy, to create semiconductor single- and polycrystals. As well as their amorphous assemblies (flexible), plates based on silicon, germanium, gallium arsenide, indium, and bismuth iodide, are used.
The essence of the problem of converting solar energy into electrical energy. Why such means of generation are not used everywhere, in several factors:

Solar energy in Pakistan

Low efficiency. The best, experimental options for manufacturing converting semiconductor wafers do not have an efficiency of more than 44% of the light energy reaching them. For cheap – silicon – this coefficient is only 9-25%, depending on the form of use of crystals.

plate area. It follows from the previous point that large areas of generating assemblies are also require to generate real energy efficiency.

Losses. In the case when the semiconductor is not illuminate, it turns from generating into consuming. To bypass this factor, special bypasses are use in the crystal assemblies. These are peculiar paths of current movement that bypass the consuming elements and connect them to the network only if current occurs in them.
The beginning of the creation of any solar station is the choice of its location. The number of semiconductor modules base on a solar battery – depends on the size and shape of free space. The place should  well lit, shadows are not allow in it.

Ideally, a surface strictly perpendicular to the ground is prefer so that the sun gives its maximum, regardless of the daylight hours.

Solar Panel Price in Pakistan

Some Best Solar Panel company in Pakistan systems rotate assemblies of semiconductor crystals following the movement of the star. Unfortunately, there is little practical sense in them, since the mechanics of such structures themselves consume energy, nullifying the whole advantage of this approach.

The next step is to calculate the real and maximum energy consumed. It is need to know the require technical parameters of the solar station components and the number of require generating elements – semiconductor modules, of which the panel as a whole will consist.

The figures below refer to normal consumption, with the caveat that only energy-saving lamps are use daily and no electricity is use for space heating. The calculation will be made for the daily consumption, which during periods of lack of light will be replenish by the battery.

The total daily consumption is 6.28 kW. Of course, these figures are very approximate and can fluctuate in different directions. The only plus from them is an understanding of the total amount of current to supply the house.
Since power consumption does not go around the clock. But only part of it, generating surfaces can be use at lower power. As long as they are enough to recharge the battery and support a constantly on part of the equipment. For example, a refrigerator. Solar panels at night

The question immediately arises about the required battery capacity. It depends on the power consumption and the current parameters for which it is design.

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