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Buying an English Tea Set

An English tea set is a great way to treat yourself to a lovely afternoon tea. However, it would help if you kept a few things in mind when purchasing your own. Aside from ensuring you’re buying quality products, you should also know how to maintain your set. In addition, teasetbox.com is an online retailer selling high-quality English tea sets. No matter what kind of tea you like, you can pick out one of your favourite English tea sets on the Tea Set Box.

Spode Factory Invented Bone China

When it comes to bone china, no one does it better than Spode. This renowned British ceramic manufacturer is famous for its innovative designs, unique style, and highest-quality products.

Spode’s Blue Italian Range

Spode’s Blue Italian range has been in production since 1816, and the company is still considered a leader in bone china. It is also known for its Botanic Garden range and the unique designs that it offers.

Other Types of Ceramics–Parian and Earthenware

In the mid-1700s, a British artist, Thomas Frye, experimented with using bone ash in porcelain. Later, people used this new composition to produce English bone china.

An Underglaze Transfer-printed Decoration Technique

In the mid-1780s, Spode’s factory in Stoke developed an underglaze transfer-printed decoration technique. This process ushered in the Regency style. It was also used on earthenware.

Felspar Porcelain—A New Type of Bone China

In the mid-1800s, the company began making a new type of bone china called Felspar Porcelain. The formula was based on calcined bone and 25 per cent Cornish stone. The product became a standard in English bone china, and the company’s success led to many British manufacturers following the lead.

Ground-laying Process–Another Major Innovation

Another major innovation by the Spode factory was the ground-laying process. This was done by hand, resulting in finely executed colour on the ceramics.

Improve Manufacturing Processes&Perfected Bone China

After the death of Spode I, his son, Josiah Spode II, took over his business. He continued to improve the manufacturing processes and perfected the bone china. He also produced and marketed the English bone china.

White Bone China

Spode’s bone china fell out of favour as the nineteenth century progressed. To make the product more usable, the company adapted the pattern. The company changed its formula in the early twentieth century; its bone china was white instead of red.

Minton English Is Famous for Its Majolica

 Brief of Minton

Aside from its ceramics, it also produced bone china. It was one of the pioneering companies to manufacture majolica tableware. The factory was founded in Staffordshire in the 18th century. It was the first to make majolica. Its glaze was denser than the other factories. It also marketed its products internationally. In the late 1800s, Royal Doulton bought the factory. It has since merged with the latter. During the 1850s, its effects were exhibited at the Great Exhibition in London. It was a success.


As the factory expanded its production, its range of wares became more varied. It introduced Palissy-ware in the early 1850s. By the end of the century, it had become a popular source of colourful earthenwares.

Another specialization was tea ware. Chinese celadons inspired the wares. In 1855, the company was awarded a gold medal at the Paris Exposition Universelle. Queen Victoria admired its bone china. She even purchased a dessert service from it for her home.

Victorian Era

The Aesthetic Movement dominated Victorian art from the late 1860s to the 1880s. Its influence can be seen in modern decorative styles and is particularly prevalent in ceramics.

1. Figural Pieces&Motifs

 The Aesthetic Movement encouraged artists to use figural pieces and motifs. The majolica palette included brown, yellow, and green. People created various patterns, including roses, corn, storks, blackberries and leaves.

2. The Most Talented Artists 

The factory hired the most talented artists of the day. Other manufacturers often reproduced their majolica. However, they may not have the same colour, undersurface, or details.


The popularity of majolica diminished in the mid-1870s. Its heyday ended in 1901 when the death of plumbism affected its production.

Vintage Tea Sets Are a Great Choice for a Vintage Afternoon Tea


Vintage tea sets come in different patterns and materials. Choose a location that matches your table decoration and home design.

Whether hosting a casual lunch or an elegant evening soiree, the right set can bring a classic feel to your tea party. You’ll find a wide range of options, and they’re all designed to help you make your tea more enjoyable.

Bone China Tea Set

People have used bone china as a tea set for centuries, and it is available in various patterns and colours. You’ll want to keep your teapot and cups small, which should match in size of the saucers.

Whimsical Vintage Tea Sets

You can add a little fun to your afternoon tea using whimsical vintage tea sets. These come with everything you need to serve a delicious tea. These sets include a teapot, sugar bowl, creamer, and teapot.

Elephant Theme Tea Set

If you’re hosting a tea party for a baby shower, consider choosing an elephant-themed set. This whimsical set includes a teapot, two baby pachyderms as creamers, and a bunch of teacups.

Liberty Blue Tea Set

Another excellent option for a tea party is the Liberty Blue Tea Set. This whimsical set features colonial ladies in pastoral settings and has a teapot, sugar bowl, and tea cups.

Moroccan Tea Set

You can opt for a Moroccan tea set for a new drink. This set includes a silver teapot, a tray, and a tray filled with lemon verbena and fresh mint. This is the perfect way to experience floral tea.

Vintage Teatime Box

If you want a sophisticated evening, choose the Enhanced Vintage Teatime Box. This elegant set has vintage English tea service, a taste-good read, and premium tea bags.

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