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Business plan for a nail salon

The culture of doing manicures in salons and not at home is firmly entrenched. Such a business does not require large investments (startup capital is only 300-400 thousand rubles) but brings 100 thousand net profit monthly. In the future, you can offer additional services in the field of beauty and personal care. According to surveys, 42% of manicure and pedicure masters have a weekly flow of clients from 10 to 30, and 23% have more than 30. About 55% of Russians do manicures, and 37% do not forget about pedicures. Economic instability in the country has almost no effect on profits in the field of nail service. In the world market, interest in this area is also growing. According to a report by Grand View Research, Inc., the global nail coatings market will reach $15.55 billion by 2024 (9.5% annual growth).

50% of beauty salon services are for manicures. The disadvantage of this business is high competition. The niche of premium-class services is filled, and the market segment focused on customers with medium and low-income levels is formed by 50%. In addition, the network of salons is poorly developed.

The target audience

The main audience (95%) is women aged 16 to 50. They work and visit the salon from 1 to 4 times a month (depending on needs and income level). A separate subgroup is a non-working population (mothers on maternity leave, homemakers, students). 5% of the entire target audience are men.

We will draw up a client portrait to make it easier to form a set of services and tools for their promotion. It is important to consider:

  • lifestyle;
  • wage level;
  • preferences;
  • needs;
  • values.


Conduct in-depth analysis and collect the following information:

  • Full name, contact details;
  • date of the first visit to the salon;
  • total number of visits;
  • the optimal time to visit;
  • the client’s opinion about the quality of services and the salon as a whole;
  • which masters served the client.


This is how a permanent clientele is determined, the degree of its loyalty to the salon, and the quality of employees’ work is monitored. This information is invaluable when developing a strategy to attract and retain a customer base.

Types of manicure business

At the planning stage, it is important to choose the format:

  • Manicure room. A room designed for work, a maximum of 2 masters. Advantages – classic format, standard services, low startup costs. Disadvantages – small area, difficulties with expansion.
  • Studio. Beauty salon with all types of manicures and pedicures and qualified staff. Advantages – prices are above average, wide-profile masters. Disadvantages – large investments, long payback period. In addition, it is not always possible to fill the salon with customers.
  •  Express manicure (nail bar). Open racks in shopping malls. The advantage is the location in a high-traffic area. Disadvantages – expensive rent, a psychological factor (many clients cannot relax while undergoing cosmetic procedures in front of everyone), and the reputation of a budget institution (repels many). The business cannot be expanded.
  • Manicure at home. Business with minimal investment. At the initial stage, it does not even require registration. A good option for both a novice master who wants an independent source of income and an experienced one with an established client base. A home studio has a lot of advantages – small investments and the ability to record at any convenient time. The disadvantage is the lack of reputation. People do not trust home craftsmen – it is not known what their skill level is.


The documents

Individual entrepreneurs and LLCs are suitable for registering a business. Usually, they open an individual entrepreneur with a simplified taxation system or a single tax on imputed income. You will need an open bank account.

Package of documents:

  • Certificate of registration of sole proprietorship or LLC.
  • License.
  • Permission from the sanitary and epidemiological station.
  • Fire department permit.
  • Certificate of registration with the tax authorities.
  • Registration with the FSS and the PFR as an employer. Needed for hiring workers for the Labor Code.

A manicure business does not require a large package of documents. Still, you need to be prepared for sanitary and epidemiological station inspections, control the medical examination of employees (marks in the medical book are updated every six months), and maintain the conditions necessary for customer service in the salon.

If the owner of the premises did not conclude an agreement for the disposal of fluorescent lamps, solid waste, and garbage disposal, the solution to these issues would fall on your shoulders.


The location and area of ​​the room depending on the format. It is better to open a salon and a manicure parlor in high-traffic areas – in the central part of the city, near public transport stops and intersections in residential areas, in shopping centers.

The nail studio must meet sanitary requirements:

  • availability of cold and hot water supply;
  • the area of ​​one workplace is not less than 4.5 m²;
  • utility room;
  • separate rooms or areas for manicure and pedicure;
  • high-quality ventilation system;
  • a room for cleaning and sterilizing instruments (instruments and furniture are disinfected after each client visit).

For three workplaces (2 for manicure and one for pedicure), you will need at least 30 m². The area is designed for work areas, utility rooms and a lobby where visitors will wait in line. Our business plan for nail salon involves renting a one-room apartment on the ground floor.


Customer loyalty depends on the level of service – hence, your income. Therefore, do not take people on the staff without ensuring their qualifications.

Criteria to be met by the candidate:

  • education in the specialty, availability of a resume;
  • the presence of a sanitary book with a medical examination passed;
  • politeness, neat appearance;
  • diplomas from competitions and certificates of master classes will be an advantage.


In the cosmetics industry, word-of-mouth is the most effective advertising form. A man who made a beautiful manicure in your salon attracted the attention of others. They also want to visit you. Therefore, the business owner needs to invest only in the quality of services, and the client himself will become an effective and free advertisement.

But if you need to speed up the promotion of your business (especially in areas with high competition), you can use marketing tools:

  • Printable advertisement. Flyers, leaflets, booklets, ads for posting. For design and printing – about 10,000 rubles.
  • Business cards. We distribute at thematic events and in any place with a potential audience. Expenses – 6,000 rubles.
  • Website, groups in social networks, and Instagram account. Most consumers prefer to search for a product or service of interest via the Internet. To underestimate this fact means to lose an impressive share of customers. When advertising services online, remember that consumers want to see reviews, examples of work, prices, and current promotions. You will spend 15,000 rubles on advertising on the Internet.
  • Participation in competitions, master classes, and competitions.
  • Implementation of customer-oriented strategies. Having collected a base of phones, you can congratulate customers on the holidays, offer discounts, and profitable special offers.
  • Signboard. There must be an intriguing, attractive cabinet sign. It will take 15,000 rubles for its manufacture and installation.

Pay attention to the design of printed products. Bright, creative, stylish designs of business cards, flyers, posters, and ads will arouse trust and interest in the audience.

For more information you must visit business plan consultants.

Is it worth it to run a franchise?

When opening an office under a franchise scheme, the franchisor takes on a huge share of the tasks. This is developing a business plan, searching for premises, repairing and designing work, purchasing equipment and materials, and advertising. The franchisor has the experience and a supplier base; therefore, you will save time and money and eliminate the risk of running into “pitfalls” that await a beginner to create a startup from scratch. Support is usually provided at all stages – from registration to organization of work processes. A ready-made, tested-in-practice model guarantees income.

The downside of a franchise is the need to give back part of the profits every month.

What is more profitable: a nail salon or a home business?

A home salon will be the best solution if you are a professional master and do not have the capital to open your own office. Why is he good?

No need to take responsibility for the quality of work of other masters and spend time and money organizing business processes. Some are repulsed by the prospect of doing a manicure at someone’s home. However, a base of regular and loyal customers will be provided with quality service. And with it, a constant source of income. When running a business from home, the limit will be limited by your time when it comes to profits.

Business risks

  • High competition. To attract the CA, it will be necessary to introduce new technologies, promotions, and special offers and develop strategies to retain the client base.
  • You must continuously monitor the quality of service. One dissatisfied customer will cause tangible damage to the business.
  • High qualification requirements. The sphere is becoming more complex, and new standards are emerging – keeping up with the latest trends is important. The professionalism of the master determines the loyalty of the audience.
  • Procurement difficulties. The niche is full of unscrupulous manufacturers and suppliers, so caution is required.


This is not a profitable business; demand exists year-round, regardless of the country’s economic climate. Therefore, the sphere does not require impressive startup costs and opens up many opportunities to expand the range of services. An additional advantage is that you do not need to acquire specific skills.

Never neglect planning. A detailed business plan for a nail salon will allow you to predict profits and minimize costs.

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