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Biodiesel: Physical Characteristics, Top Blends, and Key Benefits

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Biodiesel is a renewable and biodegradable fuel that can be produced domestically making use of fats obtained from animals and plants. It can also be manufactured using recycled restaurant grease. Biodiesel is fast emerging as one of the most environment-friendly unconventional forms of fuel.  It is capable of meeting the needs of both biomass-based diesel. And, overall advanced biofuel. Biodiesel produced by the bio diesel manufacturer in India is referred to as B100 in its purest form. Like other conventional fuels such as petrol, biodiesel is also heavily used to fuel compression-ignition engines.

Biodiesel’s physical characteristics at a glance

  • Higher heating value, Btu/gal – ˜127,960
  • Lower heating value, Btu/gal – ˜119,550
  • Density, lb/gal at 15.5°C – 7.3
  • Carbon, wt% – 77
  • Specific gravity – 0.88
  • Kinematic viscosity at – 40°C 4.0 to 6.0
  • Cetane number – 47 to 65
  • Hydrogen wt% – 12
  • Oxygen, by dif. wt% – 11
  • Boiling point, °C – 315-350
  • Flashpoint, °C – 100-170
  • Sulfur, wt% – 0.0 to 0.0015
  • Cloud point °C – 3 to 15
  • Pour point °C – 5 to 10.

As far as the performance of biodiesel in cold weather is concerned, it depends upon the combination of the biodiesel used. Generally, the blends with a lower percentage of biodiesel perform excellently well during cold weather.  Generally, No. 2 diesel and B5 perform almost similarly in chilly climates. Both biodiesel and number 2 diesel have a few mixtures get solidified in freezing temperatures. In winter climates, fuel blenders and providers battle crystallization by adding a cold stream improver. For the best chilly climate execution, clients must work with their bio diesel manufacturing companies to make sure the mix is proper.

Some of the top blends of biodiesel 

The combinations of conventional hydrocarbon-based diesel and biodiesel are the most common ones found in the open market today. Some of the most popular blends produced by the top manufacturers include the following:

  • 5% biodiesel, 95% petrodiesel is label B5
  • 2% biodiesel, and 98% petrodiesel are label B2
  • 100% biodiesel is referre to as B100
  • 20% biodiesel, and 80% petrodiesel are label B20
  • 7% biodiesel, and 93% petrodiesel are labele B7.

Properties of biodiesel

Produced by the top bio diesel manufacturing companies in India. Biodiesel comes in various color variations anywhere between dark brown and golden. Biodiesel has a vapor pressure but a high boiling point. Biodiesel’s flashpoint is around 130 degrees C which is higher than gasoline and petrodiesel. A higher flash point simply means it calls for more energy to be burn. Biodiesel gels very easily at low temperatures.

Some key benefits of biodiesel at a glance 

  • The most significant benefit of biodiesel is that it is environment-friendly. And creates no emission of harmful greenhouse gases
  • Biodiesel can be use in any type of vehicle with no need for any change in the engine. However, new vehicles are coming now with settings that can be use to increase the performance of the vehicle
  • Biodiesel is broadly utilize these days as a supplement to petro-diesel with enhance lubricating properties. It helps the engines to perform better.
  • Just a 2% addition to petro-diesel is responsible for increasing lubricity up to 50%.
  • Biodiesel can be plann and manufacture at home without any dependency on the oil-bearing countries. It is because the main ingredients to make it are animal fats, plant fats, and used vegetable oil processing plan in commercial eateries
  • With the ever-rising prices of conventional fuels across the globe, biodiesel has emerged as one of the most economic fuel options for both personal and commercial applications.

Concluding Remarks

Although the use of biodiesel is increasing day by day across the globe the main factor is that various vehicle manufacturers are not yet offering any warranty for the vehicle against the use of biodiesel. As and when you fill your fuel tank with biodiesel, your warranty comes into a breach. Therefore, always buy vehicles that are dedicatedly make to run on biodiesel.

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