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Best Tech Solution for Post and Parcel Delivery Companies

Deliver the trust and simplify the work across the project lifecycle with the best tech solution so that every action move you closer to your organization’s vision. Every business, including logistics and supply chain, is experiencing ongoing transformation as a result of technology. Looking back, it’s challenging to envision our current jobs without the internet and other technologies that are now commonplace.

An examination of future technologies is more fascinating than a trip down memory lane. After all, there is growing public scepticism about what the future holds every day. Some of the advancements and breakthroughs we’ll see in the sphere of parcel transportation can already be foreseen by evaluating the massive flow of information.

The primary reasons boosting the growth of this market are the e-commerce sector’s explosive growth, rising labour costs, and the growing demand for automated sorting and delivery systems. Additionally, factors like globalisation and the expansion of trade and commerce in emerging economies offer considerable potential prospects for industry participants in the market for parcel and postal automation systems.

By 2028, the market for Parcel Delivery Companies is anticipat to reach a value of $9.61 billion, growing at a CAGR of 16.7% from 2021 to 2028.

Here are the top 5 solutions on the market for postal and parcel Delivery companies:


These time-sensitive industry-specific automat On-Demand parcel delivery solutions from BEUMER Group are made to handle a variety of shipments and accommodate later cut-off deadlines. They have create and implement a thorough and flexible support programme that adapts to their customers’ specific needs to ensure they are always there when they are need. Their extensive service network guarantees prompt and dependable support, enhances operational security, and lessens downtime.

The top crew at BEUMER Group will ensure that your order is deliver on schedule. Prior to commissioning, recommend spare parts will be provid on site in connection with a project delivery, and the spares package will be given to you following a careful inspection by their service engineers.

Order Management System:

Your ecommerce orders are organis efficiently and conveniently with the use of ShipStation’s order management software. ShipStation’s provide a number of options to manage all of your online orders and automate a number of order fulfilment-related chores.

The data you want for orders, whether they are individual or group orders, can be conveniently seen, filtered, and exported using ShipStation. Every report offers several filter options to assist you export only the data you require, whether the data is inside a certain date range or from a certain store or carrier account.

On-Demand Delivery Solution from ShipStation will notify a user and ask them to combine the orders into a single shipment and shipping label while keeping the integrity of each order when there are numerous orders for the same shipping address.

Additionally, the order reports pull information specifically related to sync orders that have been import or produc in ShipStation.

Professional Courier Delivery Software:

Tookan’s Parcel Delivery Management Solutions namely Professional Courier Delivery Software offer a simple packet entry module to meet any customer’s needs and automatic AI service. Additionally, it made it simple to sort packets according to geofences and the courier boy assigned to them. This immediately updates the dispatcher and the customer throughout the delivery cycle.

Furthermore, Tookan offers its clients electronic evidence of delivery that may be store in the form of photographs and signatures and offers powerful analytics to find bottlenecks and make data-driven decisions. Furthermore, with the help of Parcel Tracking Solutions offered by Tooken you can view every action your delivery take in real time on a map.

MARS solution:

The delivery round sequencing market is dominat by MARS. Due to the MARS machine’s simplicity of use, ergonomics, high performance levels up to the final mile, and small design, it is well-like by postal operators. The device combines the advantages of a compact unit. With the effectiveness and adaptability of a high-speed option that can handle more than 45,000 letters per hour. The machine can handle 15 to 20 rounds at once with a single operator making many passes.

With the help of an innovative optical reading technology, Solystic’s MARS solution can automatically read bar codes and destination addresses.

The machine is sturdy, and everyday upkeep by the users themselves. Will cut down on the need for maintenance (availability rate of 99%).

All postal operators, particularly those in developing areas, can use the MARS technology. In order to ensure quality mass processing. The MARS system is also made to pre-sort and sort both internal and external postal traffic. The method aids in lowering post-processing expenses as well.

Delivery and Service Platform for EasyShip Couriers:

The shipping and courier delivery software is call EasyShip. With well-known carriers like DHL, UPS, USPS, and others, it is renowned for providing the lowest prices.

EasyShip’s main attributes are:

  • Send orders out faster by using EasyShip’s shipping APIs to create and print shipping labels.
  • Take advantage of the discounted shipping costs and choose from more than 250 carriers.
  • Every rate is compute at checkout.
  • Ecommerce companies battling with order volume may benefit from Easyship’s warehouse management service.
  • Keep all of your shipments at one of EasyShip’s international fulfilment facilities.

How Should Online Stores Select The Best Software For Courier Delivery And Services?

When searching for the best courier delivery and service software, there are four essential factors to take into account. The shipping software’s capability, order volume, reach, and resource usage are referr to as its serviceability in the first place.

Second, the shipping services offered by the platform must be compatible with your company’s needs. Third, a more technologically advanced delivery scheme that offers clients faster tracking speeds and greater visibility. The price comes last. Price of the platform should take into account potential benefits from the mix of services offered.

Starting a parcel delivery business is never simple, especially in such an inadequate market and environment. However, with the help of technology and solutions from different companies the development of parcel delivery companies and Parcel Delivery App Development companies are still booming high. The combination of core capabilities of different solution make parcel delivery business unique.

Only time will tell which solutions best reflect the shifting needs of the client as futuristic technology dramatically alters our daily lives. In the interim, we remain upbeat and eagerly anticipate what is ahead!


Mushahid Khatri is a Chief Executive Officer of Yelowsoft which is one of the leading Developing an on-demand grocery delivery app. He believes in sharing his strong knowledge base with leaned concentration on entrepreneurship and business.

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