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Best 15 Top Video Sharing Platforms July 2022

Video Sharing Platforms are websites that allow users to upload, edit and manage videos effortlessly. These websites allow users to upload. 

It provides a custom high-quality player that lets to change colors, includes an emblem, regulates speed, and more. Some of these websites permit you to manage permissions, share private links, and secure videos using the use of a password. 

Video Sharing Platforms

The following list is hand-picked of Top Video Sharing Platforms with prominent features and links to websites. The list includes open-source (free) as well as commercial (paid) software.

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Vimeo Is One Of Video Sharing Platforms

Vimeo is a site that lets you host any video without difficulty. It is the top Video Sharing Platforms that allows you to share your videos on every social media platform. It comes with a customizable and high-quality player that lets you alter color, including the logo, and controls speed. 


  • You can assign permissions and send private links and even lock videos using the use of a password. 
  • This video sharing platforms private allows you to change the video, without changing the URL. 
  • Video hosting is free. 
  • Allows you to upload videos to Google Drive, Dropbox, Adobe Premiere, iMovie, Final cut Pro X and many more. 
  • It doesn’t contain any advertisements while playing video. 
  • This unlimited and free video hosting is compatible with HD clips. 
  • It allows you to embed free videos onto any website.

Avple Is One Of Video Sharing Platforms

Avple is a platform on which customers can post videos as well as other items. Additionally, Avple may permit customers to create personal accounts through the site. Users can share and view the content they upload with fellow members of the Avple users by uploading videos, without having to subscribe. It is possible for multiple users to use it and download videos and articles. If you do not want to join and don’t wish the upload videos you’ll be able to view content uploaded by other users. 


  • Users can share their creative videos and content through their private and public profiles, without limitation 
  • People can earn money by sharing their videos 
  • There are many opportunities for work through Avple. If you can make an original video, they can gain a position that can lead to a good job in a short period of time.

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Wave Video Is One Of Video Sharing Platforms

Wave video is a website hosting that lets you make videos for your social media, website blog, or other. It is a completely adjustable video player. It also has a no-cost library of stock videos, images as well as cloud clips. 


  • It will help you organize your video clips. 
  • Auto-resizing clips are available in over 30 different formats. 
  • Allows you to create unlimited video clips. 
  • Offers ad-free video hosting service. 
  • Add video embeds to any website. 
  • The Video Sharing Platforms come with a wide range of templates. 
  • The free plan available on this site includes unlimited shares native to social media.

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Muvi Is One Of Video Sharing Platforms

Muvi is a live streaming platform that lets you host television channels, events, and even news without hassle like HDHub4U. It allows you to swiftly stream streaming video live channels. This website lets you evaluate how your service is performing by providing statistics and reports. 


  • This is compatible with streaming audio and music. 
  • Offers video on demand. 
  • It lets you broadcast from any device. 
  • Integrate live video into any website easily. 
  • Allows you to distribute videos with your brand’s logo. 
  • Different kinds of options such as Subscription (SVOD) as well as Ad-Supported or Pay-Per-View (TVOD). 
  • It offers video hosting at no cost.

Hippo Video Is One Of Video Sharing Platforms

Hippo Video is a video sharing platforms that can help you boost your sales, marketing, and email marketing campaigns. The site for uploading videos also allows you to automate personal video emails. 


  • Make video calls to bridge the gap between communication and videos. 
  • Gather videos of testimonials, surveys, and feedback. 
  • Improve the ROI of video content by studying the demographics of your audience. 
  • Engage your potential customers and convert them into customers. 
  • It converts video automatically according to the speed of the internet. 
  • This video platform allows you to connect with your group.

Uscreen Is One Of Video Sharing Platforms

Uscreen is an online video sharing platforms that lets you display your video content on-demand easily. It lets you upload all kinds of content at once. The platform comes with a built-in theme that can be customized to meet the needs of your company. Also for an amazing gaming experience, check the eclipse emulator, which makes it easy.   


  • You can host videos with high volume without difficulty. 
  • Offers 24/7 customer support. 
  • Let’s resume the video exactly where you ended your video. 
  • Provides tools for marketing and sales.


Videowhisper is an application that allows you to effortlessly host any video for your company. It lets you transfer video files up to 100 TB in a month. 


  • It is a simple matter to use to serve commercial purposes. 
  • Helps you to deliver multiple videos together. 
  • Lets you organize your videos within the playlist. 
  • Allows you to play videos on the VOD (Video On Demand) website.

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Wistia is a marketing video software that assists you to make connections with the people who watch your videos. It lets you embed videos onto any site. The site lets you stream your videos with high quality and at the highest speed. 


  • It offers a range of high-quality options. 
  • You can personalize your logo, alter controls, and alter the colors of your players. 
  • It allows your viewers to get involved by using the automated link. 
  • This Video Sharing Platforms for free automatically adjusts the video’s quality according to the speed of the internet.


YouTube is an online video hosting platform that allows you to upload video files up to 128 gigabytes. It allows you to upload videos to social media platforms. This platform for hosting videos free lets you embed videos on any website using customized codes. 

Video Sharing Platforms


  • It provides a variety of options for customizing. 
  • It allows unlimited bandwidth and file size. 
  • This site for hosting videos free allows live streaming. 
  • Basic analysis and video editing features. 
  • It allows you to make your clips private.


Panopto is among the most popular Video Sharing Platforms that lets you control and distribute your video content easily. The site lets you broadcast video securely and live to stream. 


  • It also has the ability to search through users to locate words mentioned throughout the movie. 
  • You can open an account free of charge to host the video. 
  • Let’s organize your content without trouble. 
  • This unlimited Video Sharing Platforms allows users to make videos without the need to download or install any program.


Vidyard is an online video sharing platform for business owners that allows users to upload videos to support customer service marketing, sales, and many other purposes. This platform lets users drop and drag your clips. It is among the top video upload websites that provide analytics on the performance of your content. 


  • High-quality streaming. 
  • You can also add your own video playback. 
  • Automated SEO transcripts. 
  • Control user permissions. 
  • This website lets you upload MOVs and Mp4s as well as WMVs and much more. 
  • You can secure the video using your password.

Sprout Video

SproutVideo offers an online as well as live video sharing platforms that is ideal for businesses. It lets you alter the player’s appearance with ease. It’s one of the most popular free video upload sites that allow users to create a video-on-demand playlist. 


  • Autoplay allows you to repeat any videos. 
  • This website for uploading video free of charge detects automatically the bandwidth. 
  • Send the secure video using AES 128. 
  • Videos can be embedded into any website. 
  • Supports a range of video formats. 
  • You can adjust the playback speed easily. 
  • Make sure your video is secured with the use of a password.

Video Cloud By Brightcove

Video Cloud by Brightcove is an online video publishing platform designed for companies. The website lets you edit the video in a batch. It is among the top video sharing platforms which help you organize your video using the library. 


  • Provides a drag-and-drop playlist. 
  • This site offers 24/7 assistance during the day. 
  • Provides video analysis. 
  • It is possible to deliver quick and high-quality videos. 
  • Security via IP limitation.


JWPlayer is an online Video Sharing Platforms that lets you manage videos with an online dashboard. It permits you to upload videos on social media platforms such as Facebook as well as YouTube. This service allows simplifies the process of publishing. 

  • It lets you upload and edit your videos without difficulty. 
  • Provides API to incorporate into your process. 
  • It is among the top free video sharing websites that allow live streaming. 
  • You can create a custom video for your viewers.


Dacast is an online video sharing platforms that allow users to stream live video to tablets, smart TVs, and mobile phones. It lets you customize the player using your company’s logo and branding. This website lets you stream in high HD quality. 


  • It lets you upload videos in bulk. 
  • Change the quality of video in accordance with the device you use. 
  • You can manage your video library in peace. 
  • You can organize and manage your clips effortlessly. 
  • Upload a video to the social media platform. 
  • This paid-for service provides streaming 24/7. 
  • Offers professional-grade video quality. 

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