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Axell Hodges The Attractive Men:

Axell Hodges is a motocross racer who has won six medals at the X Games. When he was practicing for the longest motorcycle jump in history, he crashed and hurt his ankles.

Who is Axell Hodges?

Axell “Slay” Hodges is a motocross rider. He has won a gold medal at the X Games. He is known for his athleticism and style. Axell Hodges is known for his unique moto videos, which have helped him get a lot of fans on social media.

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How Axell Hodges Spend His Early Life?

Hodges was born in Encinitas, California, on August 20, 1996. As a children, Alex watched his father and two older brothers race dirt bikes and was a fan of Jeremy McGrath, who won the motocross championship. Hodges started riding at age 8. When he won the Loretta Lynn’s national amateur race in 2012, he made history.

Hodges built ramps in his backyard so he could practice his tricks. He says he has to be careful not to wake up the neighbours, though.

How Much You Know About Axell Family Background?

“A couple of our neighbours live up above us, and because it echoes off the canyons, it makes them pretty sad. We’ve lived in Encinitas for about 25 years, and everyone knows my dad from my Snapchat and other things. He’s kind of the crazy guy who gets things done “Hodges told me. “We put spark arrestors on the pipes, and when I hit the ramps, I try not to rev the engine and go full X Games mode on everyone.

I try to keep things calm and just ride when it’s best. I try to keep it between 30 minutes and an hour at most.” Hodges grew up skateboarding, BMX biking, and snowboarding in addition to motocross. These sports have influenced his racing style, which you can see in his popular motocross videos on YouTube.

How Axell Got Famous On Social Media?

As a rider, Hodges has built up a big social media following on Snapchat, Instagram, and YouTube. He has fans not just in motocross, but also in surf, skate, snow, and BMX.

How Ash Help His Brother?

Hodges’s older brother, Ash (aka “Dirt Shark”), directs short videos of his younger brother on Monster Energy’s YouTube channel. This has helped Hodges create his own style of motorcycle theatre.

What Message Axell Convey in His Videos?

“Yeah, nobody really does this kind of thing with riding,” Hodges says in his videos about his many different ways to be athletic. “Everyone is trained to race and go fast or do the freestyle thing. I grew up surfing, snowboarding, skateboarding, and doing all those other things, and I just took what I absorbed from them and put it into moto. It’s cool”.

Why Prople Like Axell Work?

He says, “A lot of people I wouldn’t have expected have come up to me and told me they like my work and are really excited about me. This makes me happy and gives me a good feeling about everything.”

What is Career High Points and Numbers?

Since winning the Loretta Lynn’s national championship, Hodges has come in second at the 2015 Monster Energy Cup and in the MTX Best Whip category at the 2016 X Games in Austin. The next year, he finished in second place at the World of X Real Moto again. Hodges had a great year in 2018 because he won first place in two different events: the MTX QuarterPipe High Jump  & the MTX Real Moto at the World of X Real Moto.


Hodges rides a Honda CRF 250/450.

What is Evel Live 2:

Hodges has been in stunt documentaries like A-X-L (2018) and Ridiculousness as a rising star in motocross (2019). In July 2019, in preparation for HISTORY’s Evel Knievel stunt special “Evel Live 2”. Hodges crashed during a practice run for the longest motorcycle jump in history—a death-defying distance of 378 feet and 9 inches—and badly hurt both ankles. “I can’t believe I’m not hurt worse, and I’m very thankful I was able to get up after this crash,” Hodges says.

Why Axell was Planning to break the Rules at the Event?

First, he was going to try to jump over more than 25 semi-trucks to beat Evel Knievel’s attempt in 1971 and Robbie Knievel’s record from 2003. On the same night, he was going to try to jump farther on a motorcycle than anyone has ever done before. In 2011, An Australlian person whose name is Robbie Madison Set the record. Both times he tried to jump, he was going to ride a fully customised Kawasaki KX450F.

Who is the Inspiration to Many Freestyle Athletes?

“Guys like me have a lot to thank Eve and other daredevils of the past for. Travis, Nitro Circus, and HISTORY’s work on ‘Evel Live’ last year was an inspiration to many freestyle athletes & a new generation of motorcyclists “Axell says. “I’m ready to get noticed.” He probably won’t be out of commission for long because of his ankle injuries.

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