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All about liquid blanket for roof heat proofing services

All about liquid blanket for roof heat proofing services

The Roof Heat Proofing services of concrete elements is essential to avoid excess heat and infiltrations. The key pathologies are related to the presence of moisture, such as the emergence of fungi, mold and mildew. In addition, there is also the peeling of paints and corrosion of reinforcement in the concrete. And the most critical points for water infiltration in a building are the roof slabs and other external regions.Roof Heat Proofing

There are several different waterproofing chemicals used for concrete Roof Waterproofing in Pakistan. The seepage control treatment has some classes according to their nature (rigid, semi-flexible and flexible. Roof waterproofing services DHA have also categories according to performance, durability, solidity, versatility, cost-benefit, and general warranty over years.

The liquid blanket is a versatile flexible waterproofing chemical in Lahore for roof insulation. It is useful for both in external and internal areas, with easy application and relatively quick release to use.

With any waterproofing chemical in Lahore, you need to know its specifics to use it correctly for heat proofing.

The liquid blanket for roof heat proofing services

Liquid blanket is the name given to the flexible acrylic roof leakage treatment to protect external elements of the building.

We apply liquid blanket directly on the concrete elements, respecting the surface preparation and cleaning procedures.

Difference between asphalt mat and liquid mat for roof heat proofing services

Both, asphalt blanket and liquid blanket, despite the similar names, are the products for waterproofing services in Islamabad. They are precisely to waterproof the building elements. But they are essentially different in composition and application mode.

The asphalt blanket is one of the best-known and most available waterproofing services in Lahore and throughout the country. It has an asphalt material with polyester or fiberglass structuring elements.

It is a pre-molded product, available in rolls, and applicable with the aid of a blowtorch on the surface. The surface must have a layer of primer, at first. It must have an overlap of at least 10 cm at the joints.

At the application end, the asphalt blanket needs to receive a leveling coating to protect against any mechanical shock. It is, therefore, a material that cannot keep open directly to the weather.

The liquid blanket, in turn, is a flexible product of acrylic composition, available in the form of a liquid emulsion. For cold application, it uses directly on the surface with the aid of rollers and brushes that needs waterproofing. For that reason, this is a cast-in-place waterproofing system.

The liquid blanket is also usable, in the same way as the asphalt blanket, for covering slabs. However, it’s possible to apply liquid blanket on open roof without any transit, fiber cement tiles, marquees, and external walls.

The silicone solution, similar to the liquid blanket, is also a flexible, quick-to-apply system, especially recommended for roofing. We also reduce execution errors due to faulty workmanship as in other types of waterproofing systems. Silicone, however, has high resistance, and is good to use on surfaces other than that has cement. It is an ideal option for renovations and can even useable on old systems that have failures.

Another great differential is that the silicone solution is applicable by our specialized waterproofing specialist team at Roof Power. Click here to visit our waterproofing services company website. Fore More

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