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All About Investment Casting: Process and Type of Material

Investment casting is the process that is used to create a range of products and prototypes. Different materials can be used for investment casting, and one has to select the aptest material for investment casting based on their needs. The type of material used for casting is dependent on the application. Only when the right material is used for investment casting in India, desired functionality can be received. Cost saving is also one of the major benefits of using the right material for the casting process. The proper type of casting avoids the need for any further processing. There is much more about investment casting than using the right material only. In this article, we will explore more about investment casting. 

The process of investment casting in India

Investment casting is the process that involves the use of wax or any other polymer pattern. It is dipped into the refractory material slurry. This coating is part of the investment casting process. After the coating solidifies, the dipping process is performed again. It is repeated many times to boost the thickness of the coating. It also boosts the strength of the coating. After the coating solidifies to an extent, the wax is melted and the molten metal is poured into a cavity. The cavity is made by the wax pattern. After the metal is hardened, inside the mold, the metal casting is removed. This is done by getting rid of the refractory mold. 

Investment casting is also named lost wax casting. It is a precision casting process. It is known as precision casting as materials with high accuracy are created using this casting process. The casts are very precise and therefore, they are useful for plenty of purposes. Investment casting India is performed by some of the experts in the area. The process of investment casting is very detailed and includes plenty of steps and processes. 

Types of casting materials 

Mostly, one of the most used materials in investment casting is stainless steel. Apart from stainless steel, aluminum is also used for the process of investment casting. The perfect material is used for the casting process based on a lot of factors, including the reliability of the material, the strength of the material, and also the malleability of the material, along with flexibility. Plenty of other alloys are also used for the casting process. 

Here are a few of the most commonly used materials for investment casting in India:

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is used extensively because of its durability of the material. It is more durable than many other materials. The investment casting designers and engineers prefer steel because of many other factors, apart from reliability as well.

Carbon Steel

Carbon steel is considered a comparatively low-cost material used for investment casting. Although, many characteristics of this material make it apt for certain castings. It is known for its durability, ductility as well as strength. 

Many other alloys 

Many alloys like aluminum alloy and others are used widely for investment casting because of their affordability. They are strong and durable therefore; they turn out to be a perfect choice for users.

The process of investment casting is complex and required the use of proper techniques and the right kind of material. Also, suitable machinery, etc. is used for the casting process. It is important to select the right casting techniques as well as the suitable material for investment casting based on the requirements. 

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