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Situated in Uttarakhand, Kedarkantha Trek is a trekker’s delight and one of the most popular winter treks in India. This trek offers a breath-taking view of the majestic Himalayan peaks and gives you unsurpassed beauty, magnificent views of charming villages, meadows, snow paths, and a dramatic landscape dotted with lovely lakes, mountains, and tranquil rivers.

This article will be a virtual guide for you letting you know all about this particular trek.

About the trek:

Dense white clouds, snow, and a panorama are the three things that make the Kedarkantha trek. It is one of the most rewarding experiences that one can have. Being one of the most religious areas in Hindu Mythology. This place has the Temple of Lord Kedarkantha, which sits at the base of the submit. 


About the beliefs

There are millions of pilgrims that move to this mountain to offer their prayers. And to seek blessings of the Hindu Deity each year. Local legends say that lord shiva attained the shiv’s bull avatar. To escape the Pandavas and meditated in the valleys of kedarkantha. 

The locals also believe that it is the Trishul of Lord Shiva that keeps the place safe from destruction. It was actually proved right after the massive flood of 2013. At that time the valley suffered great losses and yet the temple was unharmed.

Overview of the trek

This trek can be done at any time of the year. But is mostly preferred during the winters i.e. from January to March. You will find the trek covered in a blanket of snow and will witness some stunning snow-packed views. It would make you fall in love with the scenic beauty of that place. During summers, from April to June, the temperature ranges from 3-8 degrees Celsius. During the day and the place is open to tourists  


Time required:

To cover and fully explore this trek it would require you around 4-5 days

Trek distance and maximum height. The highest altitude on this trek is about 12500 ft high and the trek distance is 20 to 25 km

Difficulty level:  it is an easy trail that is safe for beginners. You can plan to cover this trek, given that you have gone through the necessary guidelines. And have taken the appropriate safety measures.


Itinerary for Kedarkantha Trek

Day 1

Arrive at Sankri, from Dehradun by bus or drive. You would need a forest permit to enter Sankri. You will have to fill up the form along with a photocopy of your photo Id. After arriving here, you can get a room. And find a suitable package for you to take according to your needs and choice.

Day 2

Trek to Juda ka Talab and spend a night here. Juda ka Talab is at a height of 9100 ft. It would take you around 3 hours to cover this trail. The trail here is a little steep at certain points. It will ultimately lead you into the thick forest of the Himalayas.

Day 3

Begin from Juda ka Talab and reach Kedarkantha base camp by late evening. Here you can enjoy the tranquillity of nature’s splendour and spend the night after supper. The place is elevated at the height of 11200 ft. The overall trekking distance is 3-4 km.

Day 4

Travel 6 km to reach kedarkantha from kedarkantha base camp and then travel back to Hargaon campsite. You should start your day early. And will have to make it to the summit. It would take you around 6-7 hours depending upon your level of fitness. 

The trek is almost easy in comparison to the earlier days. But as you get nearer to the end, it turns out to be more challenging. Once you reach the summit, you will find a small temple dedicated to Lord Shiva and Parvati. There is a small shrine of Lord Ganesha. 

Take your time to soak in the beauty of nature. It can’t be described in words and then proceed to get back to the Kedarkantha camp. Once at the camp, trek down to the Hargaon campsite.

Day 5

Travel from Hargaon to Sankri which is 6 km away and will take 2-3 hrs to cover. From there you can leave directly for Dehradun taking a cab or any other public transport.


Some important points to keep in mind

  • It is a must to have a guide for this trek as the mountains are harsh and it’s very likely that you would lose your way. Apart from that, having a guide will also ensure that you take the path with proper water sources. You can’t afford to miss as they are not found in plenty.
  • As you move above Sankri, there are no networks available. Even in Sankri the only service provider that works is BSNL.
  • Crampons and gaiters should be carried along with proper trekking gear if you are planning this trek during the winters.
  • Do have a personal medical kit with you that has medicines for headaches, fever, etc.
  • Carry all entry permits along with all the required documents.
  • Carry flashlights along with extra energy cells. Low temperatures can cause the batteries to malfunction so it’s always better to be on the safer side.

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