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7 Top Factors Reducing Fertility in Women

Lots of people across the world consider parenthood as a true indicator of a happy married life. As a couple, you plan your parenthood journey and start moving on it after enjoying your married life for a certain time. However, some of you have no success in your parenthood plan through conventional methods. And you decide to see a doctor at a fertility clinic in Delhi or your locality.

While interacting with you, the doctor states that infertility might be interrupting your conception. And after going through a few tests and screenings for both of you (male and female), the doctor confirms whether you or your spouse have fertility issues. 

Males and females are equally responsible for having or not having conception. As per WHO, around 48 million couples and 186 million individuals have fertility problems. Here have a look at the top factors reducing fertility in women:

  1. Biological clock 

Of course, pregnancy is a personal choice. And as a female, you have the right to decide when you should conceive and when you should not conceive after getting into your married life. However, you should keep what the science of the reproductive system states.  

In your late 20s, you have a decline in your fertility. Your fertility sharply goes down as you turn 35. And being 40 or over is an alarming stage for you. You need to keep that in mind while making a decision on being a mother.  

  1. Number of fixed eggs 

You are born with around 1 to million eggs. At the puberty age, you have only 3-4 lakh eggs. You might get shocked to know that you can ovulate only 300 to 400 eggs out of your ovarian reserve during a menstrual cycle. And there is no medicine or surgery that can increase your number of eggs to facilitate you in your parenthood journey. 

  1. Unhealthy diet

In the contemporary world, most of us are in a hurry to fulfil our personal and professional demands. Due to this, we don’t cook food in our kitchen. And we rely on junk or fast food to end our hunger. You know junk food or processed food items are unhealthy for you especially when you want to keep up your fertility. These food items can lead to a higher BMI that can lower your fertility. 

Instead of consuming processed or junk food items, you should take what you prepare in your kitchen. You should ensure that the diet you are taking has all the nutritional elements. Ensure your meal is healthy and nutritious. You can talk to your doctor about what you should eat to boost your fertility. 

  1. Smoking and drinking 

Consuming alcoholic beverages and tobacco products is one of the major causes of reducing fertility in women. Too much drinking can trigger ovulation issues, lead menstrual problems, affect embryo implantation in the uterus. You have a higher chance of miscarriages if you continue drinking during pregnancy. 

In comparison with drinking, smoking is more harmful to your fertility. Heavy smoking can lead you to have delayed conception, early childhood congenital disabilities, and miscarriages. 

For better fertility and successful pregnancy, you must quit smoking and leave or limit your drinking. 

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  1. Multiple sexual partners 

For fulfilling sexual fantasies or spicing up your sexual life, many people make love with more than one partner. Having multiple sexual partners, especially unknown partners, is not good for your reproductive health and overall health. You have a higher risk of STIs or STDs. and sexually transmitted diseases can lead you to have tubal blockage. And you will have only one option, ART, for conceiving a child. It is better for you to have a single uninfected sexual partner. 

  1. Leisure life or overexercising 

Being physically active is highly beneficial for your overall and reproductive health. Many studies have found that females who perform moderate workouts daily have higher fertility rates. However, you need to avoid performing exercises of high intensity. Regular moderate exercises will help you have a healthy menstrual cycle, maintain your egg health, and enhance your fertilisation chances. 

  1. Sleep pattern 

In the current world, our lifestyle habits and sleep patterns are not good and are far away from ideal life. A lot of people go to their bed after midnight and wake up late in the morning. Many times, they do not have sound sleep. And having no proper sleep makes you feel tired and have hormonal imbalances. You must have a sound sleep every night as you plan your pregnancy. 

Final words 

Fertility in women is a crucial topic. It sees a decrease due to bad lifestyle, ageing, and medical condition. As a female, you need to address it. You can consult a fertility expert as you start thinking of your family expansion. And the doctor will guide you what you should do and what you should do for having a successful pregnancy.   

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