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7 reasons Why You Need to Go Native

According to research, it is known that only 16% of the audience gives an application in more than two attempts when they fail in the first attempt. However, 79% of users retry the same apps once or twice. It can be a possibility that you have no chance to impress your customers. Sometimes a poor application discourages the customer from using the app again. A successful application business strives for a react native app development services operation from the beginning. There can be a dozen of bugs when you release your first application, but it is nothing in front of poor application operation.

Meaning Of The Native Or Hybrid Application

A native application is designed only for a single platform. It is a distinct product that we can use on our mobile. The purpose of a hybrid application is that it should be suitable for all platforms. It is also successful in wrapping the existing website. Many people use the hybrid application instead of the native one. The main motive for using the hybrid application over the native is it provides universality, relative cheapness, and little time consumption. But still, there are some cases where it fails to be a good choice.

Here we will discuss some cases and reasons to prove it:

Reason 1: Development process

Case 1:

Native app development needs a few separate teams to develop a stand-alone application. Developers need not focus only on one subject, but they need to approach different versions of applications simultaneously.

The native application implies interaction for different platforms with the whole development process. During the development of the native application, developers can use thinkable and unthinkable tools to create a product. This platform facilitates the development process, it provides collaboration with third parties for the services that are necessary and provides open-source APIs and code extracts on their official websites. They make an easy pathway for developers. As a result, there are several numbers of application versions, which is perfect for the chosen platforms. It is the ultimate rule for a native application.

Case 2:

Hybrid applications need to develop a website code written in CSS, HTML, or Javascript for a mobile platform with dedicated tools. For the savage of money, a company can make fewer efforts to launch an application. Developing a hybrid application requires a small team to create an application with less time.

Reason 2: Device features

A mature environment expects the end version of the native application with user guidelines and OS technical like swipes, a header position, predefined gestures, etc, that can provide speedy performance. Users can use complex applications users perceive how to use them. A native application user needs to have command over inbuilt application utilities that include cameras, reminders, calendar GPS, etc.

A hybrid application can also use these utilities, but their response will be lower, and the integration process can be more difficult

Reason 3: Speed

The speed of native applications is so fast, and it provides a better experience with good responses. Facebook and Linkedin regret investing late in HTML5. Native browsers include hybrid applications ( webView Android, UlWebView ios) with web pages. These can speed up the hybrid application but not fast as the native ones.

Reason 4: Type of an app

If we think about the complexity of the application, the hybrid application provides a better solution. For instance, if you are an owner of a gear shop and you do not want your customers to purchase mobile applications but want to provide them an opportunity to browse goods. You want to become a creator of a digital catalog similar to a mobile application like Massimo dutti, Zara, and some other famous brands.

You can categorize this case in a hybrid application. Create a hybrid app and can add a choice of your favor you want before you launch any non-complex application. It may be dictionaries, magazines, newspapers, or simple planners.

On the other hand, If your attention is to develop a game, messenger, planner, payment method, and shop providing a cart, you need to select a native application.

Reason 5: Maintenance

There is easy maintenance of hybrid applications. Because native applications include them as web pages. So you can update the content of the hybrid application at any time.

It is slightly difficult to maintain a native application with a new version release. The native app informs the user about the latest update. Users can upload most of the content with the upload of a native application. The magazine and shop need regular updates, while there is no need for regular updates in games and messenger.

Reason 6: Offline functioning

A native application is the best option with no connectivity. It provides offline work for games, planners, organizers, and for navigators because they already have downloaded content.

Reason 7: Cost

The most important thing for an entrepreneur or developer is to know that the native app is more expensive than a hybrid application.

There is more effort and time required to develop a native app. Native applications are usually paid but the hybrid application is for free release. A great native application can give you more profit than you think.

We can call a small application as a hybrid application because it does not require interaction with a mobile standard program. However, the application in which you want to include payment gateway integration, usage of cameras, and geolocation are big and heavy mobile applications, and it is known as native application.

Other platforms that use CSS, JavaScript, and HTML in other languages are not poor. They do not provide a good solution for mobile application development.


These are the seven reasons why you need to choose a native application. Before developing react native app development company you need to pay attention to the development process, device feature, cost, offline functioning, type of app, Maintainance, and speed. If you are looking for a native application, Richestsoft can help you to develop a native application.



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