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7 Perfect Illinois Getaway Ideas for Students

Illinois is a breathtaking land of prairie in the midwest of the USA. Whether you think it is worth visiting, the answer is yes! The state has so many landmarks, natural wonders, and beautiful cities. Here is Chicago, the third-biggest USA city. Hence there are more forests on the southern side. Besides, local teenagers receive a temporary driving license at 15 yo and confirm it at 18. Thus, it is possible to use car rental under 25 and hit the road for an enjoyable journey! Let’s start!


The large city on the Lake Michigan shores, Chicago, draws much attention. This metropolis is an industrial and cultural capital of the Midwest. There are many activities and unusual attractions to attend. For example, take a walk to the amazing Millennium Park and its unique Cloud Gate sculpture. Or to the luxurious Buckingham Fountain in Grant Park. Also, you will be impressed by the remarkable Art Institute of Chicago and the Museum of Science and Industry. There are numerous street performances. 

St Patrick’s Day

The great idea is to arrive in Illinois at one of the biggest cultural events in the state. Have you ever heard of St. Patrick’s day? Yes, the one on March 17. How could that happen that the Irish fest is annually celebrated here and is so widespread? The answer is simple we owe that to descendants of Irish immigrants. That event attracts visitors from all over the USA. Do not forget that you should better avoid drinking beer unless you are already 21. And take a taxi otherwise you get in trouble.

Millennium Park

Keep exploring the City of Winds. Come to the central Millennium Park, a green oasis that lies on 100 square km. That is breathtaking! Here, you can find a chilling place next to the unique fountain designed by Jaume Plensa. That is an outstanding masterpiece of engineering. The design is a video installation placed on large facade screens splishing out the jets of water. As long as images always change, the street never looks the same and keeps inspiring. 

What is the age to rent a car in Illinois? Every provider sets its requirements for car renters. Some allow only beginning from 21 with the additional fee, while others help 18-years-old students. Thus, it depends. Better check many options for a rental car for young drivers on the website. The earlier you do that, the lower prices and selection you get. Arrange a convenient vehicle, pack all the baggage, and navigate to the breathtaking Shawnee National Forest

Chicago River

That is a picturesque channel that connects the Great Lakes and the Gulf of Mexico. Its total length exceeds 250 km. Before 1900 it was not too pleasant. Due to the quick industrialization of the city, the rapid pollution spoilt water and caused diseases. Then, the channel diverted to the Mississippi River Basin. Now, there are 38 drawbridges over the Chicago River in the city. That is great to take a boat tour with your friends and take photos from that perspective.

Chicago Cultural Center

Visit it to add to your holidays some charm with local exhibitions, shows, and contemporary cultural events. The well-known Chicago Children’s Choir performs here too. The center is old as long as it opened in the XIX century. First, the building hosted Chicago Public Library and the Veterans Union. Those two organizations moved to other places. Then, the building received the status of a city cultural center, opening doors to all clubs and communities.

Shawnee National Park

You have seen the view of that forest in the southernmost part of Illinois for 25 cents. That is a popular place among people because it has many things to offer. Due to the moderate climate, you can come when you want, in any season. They say Falls is very romantic with the colorful leaves on the paves and trees. Mighty forests and the Missouri river are crossing the Mississippi River. Come not only to retrieve but do outdoor activities. You can explore almost 300 thousand acres with massive rock formations on hiking trails. History lives in that place as long as different eras left remnants and traces. 

Wrigley Field Baseball Stadium

Your fellow travelers will adore the idea of attending the baseball stadium. That is great to buy tickets for the games, preorder hotel rooms, and make a deal to rent a car in Chicago. Thousands of like-minders come to the same game. And you share the same spirit. The stadium always gathers full stands of fans. For about a century, that place, Wrigley Field, has been the Chicago Cubs’ home. Just do all the preparations properly, and you will remember that time!

One short getaway is not enough to know and feel Chicago and Illinois. However, with rented wheels, you see more and save time. Plan the route and be ready for new adventures. Have a great time!

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