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7 Different Types of Home Door Locks and Their Uses


The home door lock is the most important part of your home security system. It’s not only used to keep unwanted people out of your house, but also to keep unwanted things in. There are several different types of locks available today and choosing the right one for your needs can be difficult—especially if you’re just starting out with home security systems. In this article, we’ll discuss seven different types of locks and their uses recommended by Locksmith in Manchester, so that you can make an informed decision when it comes time to purchase one or more for your home!


A deadbolt is a lock that has a bolt that moves into the door to secure it. Deadbolts are usually used on exterior doors, but they can be installed on interior doors as well.

Deadbolts are typically the most secure type of lock because they require both hands to open them and therefore cannot be picked or forced open by an intruder. They are also more difficult for thieves to break into than other types of locks since they require two separate keys: one for each side of your home. That means if someone steals one key from you (or even gets their hands on both), they won’t be able to unlock any doors in your house!

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Latch bolt is the most common type of lock, and it’s also one of the easiest to install. However, it has some drawbacks:

  • It’s not a good choice for security because anyone can open it with a key or hack into your door with a screwdriver.
  • It’s not as secure as deadbolts because you can still open latch bolts by kicking them in or removing their screws. This makes it easier to break into your home if you’re on vacation or away from home while someone else lives there.

Spring-latch lock

  • Spring-latch locks are used in residential applications.
  • A spring-latch lock is a type of door lock that uses a spring to hold the latch bolt in a raised position. The more common type, this type of lock has been around for centuries and can be found throughout Europe and Asia.
  • Because they require less maintenance than other types of door locks, they’re also less expensive than other options like mortice or cylinder locks or keyed alike (KEA) systems—a feature that may appeal to homeowners who want their doors to look nice but don’t want to spend money on upgrades every year or two when their existing hardware needs replacing due to wear and tear over time.

Electric door strike

Electric door strikes are a good option for people who have mobility problems or live in big cities, where there is a lack of space. If you live in an apartment and want your door to be easy to open and close, this lock is perfect because it doesn’t require much effort on your part. You just need to press a button and then pull down the lever on top of the lock when ready, which will then open up the lock mechanism all by itself.

Interconnected lock

Interconnected locks are the most secure type of door lock. They’re also the most expensive, which is why you don’t see them in your average home.

Interconnected locks are similar to deadbolts and spring-latch locks in that they require two bolts or levers on either side of the door frame: one from inside the house and another from outside. The difference between these two types is how they work together with each other: a deadbolt can only be opened from within if both sets of doors are closed; if any part of either set opens up during normal use (for example, someone enters through an unlocked front door), then all parts will automatically unlock themselves so as not to leave anyone locked out due to lack of keys!

Rim latch lock

A rim latch lock is a type of door lock that secures the door to the frame. It’s usually installed on an interior wall or trims around your home, and it won’t secure your doors if they have been frequently used in an emergency situation.

This lock is not meant for exterior doors because it doesn’t provide enough security against intruders who might be able to force their way through these openings. If you need something sturdier than this type of lock, consider investing in an exterior bolt deadbolt instead!

Mortise lock

Mortise locks are used on doors that swing inwards. They’re also known as deadbolts or dead latch locks because they’re secured by a mortise, which is a cylindrical metal fitting. A mortise lock requires two different keys: one for the outside and one for the inside of your door. You’ll find this type of lock on most homes, though you may also see spring latches or thumb turns instead of keyholes like we’ve mentioned previously.

Mortise locks offer some security benefits over other types of home entryways because they require both key-based locking mechanisms (from either side) before someone can enter through them—so if someone were to try to force their way in through force alone with no keys available, there would be no way for them to gain access without being noticed immediately by anyone inside who might notice something amiss happening outside their house when suddenly daylight starts shining brightly through windows at night…

Choose a home door lock carefully!

Home door locks are an important part of your home, but they can be expensive and difficult to install. They should be easy to use, strong and secure. If you’re looking for the best option for your needs, keep reading!

There are many types of home door locks that vary in their features and price tags. You may have heard about deadbolts or sliding glass doors with keys—but what about other options? You can also get advise from 24 hour locksmith when choosing a new lock for your front door at home.


The door locks offer an additional layer of security for your home and are a great way to keep intruders out. If you want to install new locks on your doors, contact one of our skilled professionals today!

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