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7 Cool Smart Accessories For Your Smartphone

In today’s world, smartphones are an indispensable part of our lives. They allow us to stay connected wherever we are. The smartphone itself is where we store important documents and passwords. The smartphone has become an extremely useful tool. On the market, there are many accessories that could be used to make the device more productive and stylish. Choosing what’s best for your phone is a challenge for everyone. This post lists 7 cool accessories for your smartphone that enhance its performance.

iPhone Audio-Adapter Splitter

An excellent accessory for anyone with an iPhone that allows the lightning port to be split into 3.5 audio and USB charging ports. Using the splitter when using y犀利士
our wired earphones to enjoy music is quite handy. It costs $1.36 to purchase. The splitter can be shipped anywhere in the world. You can find iPhone-related accessories on
Cell Phone Time, and various iPhone chargers are available there. 

Adjustable Stylus Pen

Do you love using a stylus on your smartphone to scribble and make notes? Then you should check out this universal stylus pen that works on any tablet and smartphone. It is just $2.00 and comes in a variety of colors.

Bluetooth Gaming Pad for smartphone

Smartphone gaming has now overtaken gaming on PCs and consoles. A Gamepad Joystick is a great gadget that will enhance your gaming experience. It’s designed to function with any platform that supports Bluetooth 3.0. The device is lightweight and compact. A 500mAh battery powers it. It is available for $7.90.

Smartphone Microscope Magnifier

What kind of macro lens does your smartphone have? Microscope Magnifiers provide optical zoom if you do not have one. You can clip a magnifier on the primary lens when you take a photo with your smartphone camera. Without any additional software tweaks, you can achieve up to 60X magnification. The container measures 110 x 62 x 22mm and is made of ABS shell + acrylic lenses. The microscope Magnifier is available for just $2.27.

Webcam Cover

Smartphone users are concerned about their privacy. Data theft across the globe has become a major issue for smartphones. It is also becoming more common for malware to access smartphones’ cameras without authentication. This small webcam cover can serve as a great way to eliminate such a risk. Smartphones and even laptops can be protected by it. At $0.67, it is currently available for purchase. It is even cheaper if purchased in bulk.

Type-C to Universal USB Adapter Connectors

Adapters like these are small and easy to use yet can provide great benefits. Data can be transferred at high speed using these small OTG connectors. Plug-and-play adapters can be used with many devices such as USB flash drives, card readers, USB keyboards, and USB mouse. Android smartphones and tablets can use it as well. You can get a pair of Universal USB Adapter Connectors for $0.53 each.

Riding Bag Clip Holder

The Riding Bag clip holder accessory is an excellent choice for those who enjoy filming videos on their bikes while traveling. The Clip Holder enables users to attach a smartphone, camera, or GoPro with ease. You can attach it to your bag arm. At just $8.72, you can purchase such a useful product.

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