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7 Best-Dressed Male Fashion Icon In India

Those days are over when guys were unconcerned about their appearance. In reality, today’s guys are overly concerned about their appearance. Few more than girls! They, like women, are too preoccupied with fashion. Some Indian guys display their fantastic sense of style through their sophisticated attire or fitness and fashion knowledge. Check out some of the Best-Dressed Male Fashion Icon In India.

7 Best-Dressed Male Fashion Icon In India 

If you still want to argue that women rule fashion. Sorry to say, but you’re going to lose since these top 7 men fashionistas in India have clearly upped their style game. Their unique style will impress you from first glance – follow them to improve your dressing sense.

1. Hrithik Roshan

Who doesn’t know Hrithik Roshan? He has clearly earned a name for himself in the Indian movie industry, whether it’s via his films, his looks, or his attire. Most fashion designers are looking to him to be their showstopper in numerous prestigious fashion shows. Hence, Hritik Roshan is the best-dressed male fashion icon in India.

2. Ayan Mukerji

The director embodies everything we appreciate about men’s clothing right now: a touch of gruff, a little rock ‘n’ roll, and a whole lot of relaxation.

3.  Siddhartha Mallya

If you have seen Siddhartha Mallya’s older photos, it’s difficult to realize how this corporate tycoon used to appear. 

He’s currently been transformed from a fatso to the best-dressed male fashion icon in India. He is willing to try anything, and as the son of a working-class family, he does not limit himself to monotonous black and grey outfits, in fact, he flaunts all sorts of formals to lounge wear like men’s co-ord sets elegantly.  He makes our list of the most trendy guys in India by maintaining every appearance neat and clean.

4. Farhaan Akhtar

Once it comes to his own style, this macho, controlled mess of a man rarely fails to wow. We can always find a hint of it in the clothes of great films in which he has starred. For Farhan Akhtar’s Gallan Goodiyaan appearance, smart casuals were the way to go.

5. Ranveer Singh

Who is India’s most odd fashion icon? Undoubtedly, it’s no one else but Ranveer Singh is on top of your mind. Every time he plays dress-up, he invariably smashes the Internet. He and his stylist, Nitasha Gaurav, aren’t afraid to go overboard since it suits his outgoing nature. 

He has worn everything from gender-fluid shapes to the boldest designs in the bright of colours! If you’re also looking for dresses in unique bold prints, try out stylish shirts for men from here.

Besides, one of the highlights of 2021 was when he channelled Alessandro Michele, Creative Director of Gucci, with long hair, flashy jewellery, and a wide-brimmed hat! It certainly made Michele stand up and take attention! Well, it’s enough to say that Ranveer Singh is not only an odd fashion icon but also the best-dressed male fashion icon in India.

6. Jatinn Jay

You would be completely blown away by Jatinn jay’s clothing style – Jatinn Jay has to be among the top Indian male fashion bloggers since his style says volumes when it comes to trendy looks. Jatinn Jay is a  professional fashion stylist who enjoys the street style. I think you must follow him to update your wardrobe.

7. Vicky Kaushal

From receiving fantastic praises for his performances to driving the Web and the media insane with his secret wedding to Katrina Kaif.

Don’t you think it’s safe to say that actor Vicky Kaushal dominated 2021! Though not as daring as other names on our list, Kaushal and his stylist Amandeep Kaur make a compelling argument for traditional, understated attire! Even in his wedding attire, it was his mode of operation.


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