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6 Safety Precautions to Take When Installing Batt Insulation

Insulation is a critical part of keeping your home comfortable. You should have it in every room of your home as it can help conserve energy and keeps spaces warm in winter or cool in summer. If there are areas in your home needing insulation, like a garage, attic, crawl space, or detached work shed, you can do it yourself with batt insulation. DIY insulation installation is not a difficult task, but it is a big project that requires ample time.

Batt insulation is woven fiberglass in pre-cut, ready-to-install strips. They reduce the amount of cutting you have to do with a straightedge. It’s inexpensive, nonflammable, and mostly resistant to moisture damage. Before diving into this project, put safety first and take the following precautions.

Check Local Building Codes

One of the first things you need to do is check the local building codes. There might be codes for the kind of insulation you need to use around your home. It usually comes down to faced vs. unfaced. Faced insulation has a vapor retarder. It helps prevent mold and mildew, and some codes may require that you use it. Usually, faced insulation is for attic ceilings and exterior walls—even in the basement. Unfaced insulation is for attic floors and interior floors and walls.

Get Batt Insulation From a Reliable Source

When purchasing batt insulation, it needs to be from a reliable source. You’ll be handling fiberglass here. That means leading home improvement stores such as Menards® could be the best choice. They’ll offer a variety of batt insulation sizes to fit the wall framing. You could also go to the store’s website for advice, suggestions, and inspiration.

Use Gloves and Tools to Handle Insulation

Before you even start installing the insulation, take precautions when handling the packaging. Fiberglass exposes you to fine glass fibers that can get pretty much everywhere. Wear gloves while handling the insulation and use hand tools to cut the packaging and the insulation.

Wear Appropriate Clothing

In addition to wearing gloves, you’ll want to wear other appropriate clothing. Cover as much of your skin as possible with a long-sleeve shirt, long pants, socks, and sturdy closed-toed shoes. Protect your eyes with a cap that will keep fibers out of your eyes along with eye protection. A bonus tip is to sprinkle baby powder onto exposed skin as it can help prevent fiberglass from sticking. You could also choose to wear a dual cartridge respirator or a dust mask while working with batt insulation.

Watch for Obstructions and Install Accordingly

When you’re installing the batt insulation, watch for obstructions. You can learn how to insulate around electrical outlets and other obstructions properly. You don’t want to press insulation against direct heat sources. That includes wiring, lighting, or water heaters. It’s also best to avoid stuffing insulation too deep into areas along the eaves of the house. That way, you still get proper ventilation.

Be Cautious During Clean-Up

The following tip is one of the best ways to ensure you stay fiberglass-free after working with insulation. Start your shower cold. A cold shower will help close your pores so you can rinse off fiberglass resting on your skin. You can follow that with a hot shower to get the rest off. If any fiberglass got in your eyes during installation, flush it out. Use water or an eyewash solution. Finally, wash the clothes you wore during installation separately from other laundry.

Installing fiberglass batt insulation is a great way to make living areas and workspaces more comfortable. As with all DIY home improvement projects, staying safe and informed is important. These practices can ensure successful installation without any injuries or discomfort. That way, you can enjoy a well-insulated space and be proud of your work.

About Menards®

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