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5 ways to identify problems with your laptop and how to fix them

If you have your own laptop or are using a company laptop, you might occasionally run into minor problems. In that case, you might go to the company’s technical support staff; however, if you have your own laptop, you might search for the best Laptop Repair Thane service provider. If there are any minor problems, you might be able to fix them yourself; otherwise, you’ll need to hire a repair service.

1. A warm laptop

Use caution when using a laptop on your lap because they can get hot. Turn off your laptop, disconnect it, and check it if you’re using a lap desk or another safe surface and you’re still feeling warm.

  • Give the laptop 10 minutes to cool.
  • Unplug the battery.
  • If the battery is getting too hot, swap it out.
  • If the vents are clogged, clean them with a cleaning cloth.
  • Put your laptop together on a stable, flat surface.
  • Think about a cooling pad.
  • Avoid using it on pillows or soft bedding that restricts ventilation.
  • It’s time to contact a laptop repair expert if, despite these changes, your laptop continues to run excessively hot.

2. A loud laptop

Similar to the heating problem, this could be brought on by an unclean or clogged fan, blocked vents, or internal accumulation. Try to find the cause of the noise by following the same procedures as for the heating problem.

Is there one? It’s a sporadic noise problem.

Is the DVD player to blame? Attempt to eject the drive drawer.

Is the hard disc at blame? You might have a failing hard drive.

  • If you’re having trouble deciphering the sounds, take it to a computer repair expert.
  • All errors save the DVD-drive problem require expert diagnosis and repair.

3. Bluetooth or WiFi problems

  • Is the internet connection on your laptop spotty? Having trouble finding your home network or inputting the network key again? Is your Bluetooth speaker ignoring your laptop?
  • While annoying network or internet problems can decrease productivity, they frequently do not indicate more serious issues.
  • Before calling for laptop repair, be sure the problem is not a network issue by checking your wifi router. If the issue is wireless, other devices shouldn’t be able to connect.
  • If other devices are operating smoothly, ask Cortana or use the start-bar search function on your laptop to “identify and address network problems.”
  • To use the repair wizard, you might need to adjust your settings or restart your computer’s wireless adapter. If this doesn’t work, you’ll need to fix your laptop.

4. An unmuted keyboard


For a variety of reasons, your laptop might not recognize your type. Make sure that only the numbers are broken if you mistakenly hit the “num lock” key and are unable to use the keypad. Return to the numerical input with it.

Mud and dust

Next, search for any dirt or dust. Dust the inside of the keys using compressed air. You can even remove the button covers on some “problem” keys.

If your keyboard doesn’t have key covers that can be removed, avoid doing this. To get rid of grime, use compressed air or a dry cotton swab. replacing the keycap

Critical harm

  • Try deactivating your keyboard if there is visible damage if the cleaning methods don’t work. Cortana or the search bar may examine the condition of your keyboard.
  • Is your keyboard connected and operational? In the event that there are issues, get in touch with a nearby computer repair service.\
  • Screen that is cloudy, pixelated, or broken
  • Laptop screen repair is a significant sector because it is one of the few tasks that people are unable to complete on their own.
  • Repairing a cracked or damaged screen can be against the terms of the manufacturer’s warranty because they are sharp and could harm a person who is not familiar with them.
  • Because practically all laptop screen repair techniques need you to open up your laptop, utilise specialised electronics tools, and have a keen eye, it is advisable that you leave screen concerns to the pros.
  • If you decide to try it, Tech Takes offers instructions on how to fix a damaged laptop screen.

5. A malware or virus attack

Your computer can be infected with malware or a virus if it takes a long time to boot up, displays pop-up advertising, directs you to unidentified websites, or just won’t switch on.

  • Restart your laptop by typing “restart” into the search bar or Cortana.
  • By selecting “Advanced Startup” after “Recovery,” you can choose to restart in Safe Mode.
  • After restarting your computer, you can notice that some apps are missing or behave abnormally.
  • Update your antivirus programme to make sure all detection systems are operational.
  • Perform a thorough system scan, which can take many hours.
  • After it’s finished, restart your computer normally and run a brief scan.

Now, your computer should operate normally and you should get a warning if any potentially dangerous files are discovered. Create a restoration point and a backup of crucial files in case the issue recurs.

Update your antivirus software weekly. Even if nightly fixes are advised, new issues keep cropping up.

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