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5 Tips to Ensure the Perfect Volumizing Mascara Application

Mascara is a big part of a makeup and beauty routine. It’s one of those finishing touches that can completely alter your look in the best way. Even if you’ve been using mascara for years, there are always more ways to perfect the application. These tips will ensure the rich, dark coating helps you look and feel like a glorious, lash-loving goddess. Of course, investing in a high-quality volumizing mascara is one of them. The others are a bit more artful.

Select a Clean Volumizing Mascara

Before we go into how to apply volumizing mascara perfectly, we need to cover how to select the best product and how often to replace it.

Keep Your Mascara Fresh

You might already know to start a fresh tube of volumizing mascara every three months. This is due to the air and potential bacteria that can get trapped in the container, which can also cause clumping, flaking, and smudging. Keep your eyes and lashes happy and healthy with regular mascara replacement.

Read the Formula

Unless you buy your usual clean mascara, always read the ingredient list. That said, if there’s a notice of a formula change to your favorite mascara, look at the differences. Even if you don’t recognize everything on the list, some things might jump out at you. It might be natural waxes, nourishing oils, colloidal oatmeal, and peptides, among other components—they’re all good. You just want to avoid artificial fragrances, parabens, and other potentially harsh ingredients.

Techniques for Applying Mascara

Now that we’ve covered the basics of selecting a volumizing mascara, it’s time to get into the technique.

Embrace the Twirl

Some people who apply mascara pump the wand into the bottle. This can let air, germs, and other stuff inside. Instead of pumping, you can twist the wand of the applicator as you draw it out of the bottle. This will help evenly coat the brush with enough product. It also avoids letting extra air into the container.

Wiggle the Wand

Once you coat the brush in mascara, start at the base of your lashes and gently wiggle the wand. This technique will work the brush close to your lash line. It works well with a volumizing mascara that helps your lashes look fuller. If your eyes are a little sensitive or ticklish with the wiggling sensation, you can skip this one. It’s great to try, but it’s not mandatory for fantastic-looking lashes. You could use the following technique on its own.

Go for Front and Back Application

Whether you love a wand wiggle or decide to pass on it, you can still reveal gorgeous-looking lashes with volumizing mascara. The final trick to nailing a full and lush lash look is an application on the backside of your eyelashes. After applying mascara to the front (as usual), look down and apply mascara carefully to the back. You might give your wrist a little flick upward at the end to add more curl to your lashes.

If you want the perfect mascara application, you can do a few things to ensure it comes together. It’s not all about the literal application process, either. It involves the product itself and how you care for it. Being selective about your volumizing mascara is the first thing you can do. When shopping, it’s important to choose one that supports your natural lashes. That way, your eyelashes always look thick and full, even when the mascara is removed. Beyond that crucial mascara tip, follow the suggestions above for a flawless finish.

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Beverly Dasenbrock

I sold my makeup and beauty company two years ago to start a new career in blogging about health and beauty products. While I did enjoy running a successful beauty brand, I realized that my true calling was education. So many people are misinformed when it comes to makeup, so I’ve started writing about myths, misconceptions, and products in the industry! Thanks for checking out my profile and I hope you can use my expertise to make the decisions to change your makeup game!

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