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5 Times Your Business Needs an Appliance Cart

The classic hand cart, otherwise known as a hand truck or dolly, is a crucial material handling tool. However, there are also more specialized hand carts that are better suited for other situations. One example is the appliance cart, also called an appliance hand truck or heavy duty hand truck. A high-quality name-brand appliance cart is ideal for countless situations in which moving heavy, bulky items is a must. Is your business likely to encounter any of the following material handling challenges? If so, you should definitely invest in a few appliance hand trucks. Firstly, though, it’s important to have some background on these material handling tools.

Why You Should Use an Appliance Cart

Basically, the appliance cart is built to carry heavy, bulky items that might not fit on a traditional hand cart’s nose plate. They are made with a stouter frame to handle bigger loads. Plus, the best appliance hand trucks feature a ratchet strap. This strap can help you more effectively and more safely secure those bigger loads. Consider adding a fourth wheel stabilizing attachment to the appliance cart. That can provide even greater stability, increase capacity, and help when breaking back the hand truck. With this in mind, here are a few scenarios perfect for an appliance hand truck.

Moving Appliances and Furniture

There is a reason this piece of equipment is called an appliance cart. Namely, it’s because the appliance hand truck is a must-have for moving appliances and furniture. These bulky items can be tricky to move, either in open spaces like a warehouse or when delivered to a home. With this hand truck, you can safely secure the item and transport it with ease. This could mean that only one employee is necessary as opposed to two or more.

Vending Machine Maintenance and Repair

Moving vending machines without the appropriate equipment is both extremely hard and dangerous. Every year, vending machine mishaps result in countless injuries, which can cost your company and put your workers at risk. That’s why a heavy duty hand cart should be part of every vending machine professional’s equipment. That is particularly true for one with a stabilizing fourth wheel attachment.

Curbside Service

More people than ever are ordering online these days. That means more orders are being home delivered, and more orders are being picked up at the store. An appliance cart is an indispensable asset for both of these situations. Ensure that your staff has access to an appliance hand cart for curbside service of appliances, furniture, and other large items.

Auto Repair

Vehicle parts, especially boxes full of parts, are cumbersome. An appliance hand cart is ideal for moving boxes of parts, tools, heavy cart parts, plus wheels and tires, and much more. Because these carts have a weigher weight capacity than traditional hand trucks, your employees can move more in fewer trips.

Transporting Medical Equipment

Home health care delivery is an ever-expanding industry. Delivery responsibilities can include things like delivering medical machines and equipment. There may also be a need to move heavy medical beds or canisters of oxygen. With an appliance cart, delivery professionals of all stripes can handle these big, bulky jobs.

Other Hand Cart Options to Consider

It is also worth considering a number of additional hand cart or hand truck options for other uses. For instance, a convertible hand truck, or collapsible hand truck, can be operated in two configurations. They can be used in the traditional vertical hand cart orientation or a horizontal configuration for more platform space. That provides additional versatility on the worksite. For navigating stairs, check out a powered stair climbing hand cart. That makes moving heavier items up and down stairways far easier and safer. Then there are motorized hand trucks that can move up to 1,000 pounds on virtually any terrain.

About Magline

For 75 years, professionals everywhere have relied on Magliner material handling solutions. The Magliner name represents an unmatched standard of durability and reliability. While the traditional aluminum dolly is the cornerstone of the Magliner lineup, the brand offers so much more. Other invaluable products Magliner offers include powered lifting hand trucks, a powered hand truck series, and other material handling equipment. When your business needs to move, lift, or deliver items safely and efficiently, trust Magliner tools to help your employees get the job done. Browse the entire Magliner lineup today and give your employees the material handling solutions you can trust.

Learn more about the selection of Magliner appliance carts at https://www.magliner.com/

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