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5 Easy Ways You Can Turn Shadow Creation Service Into Success

Every visible thing contains a shadow Creation in the presence of light. When we capture a photo, sometimes the absence of Shadow makes the thing look unnatural. Photoshop offers the chance to rework the photo and add Shadow to make it natural.

This blog will discuss 5 Easy Ways You Can Turn Shadow Creation Service Into Success to isolate yourself from the competitor by adding shadows to your product photos.

Word Picture of Shadow Creation Service

Photoshop shadow creation service is the most challenging photo editing technique that requires a good sense of photoshop, lighting, opacity, distance, etc. Shadow creation service is the process of adding Shadow under or behind an object to give it a true-to-life look. 

When we capture any product, sometimes, we can’t capture it with proper shadows because of multiple reasons, including lighting effects. As a result, it loses its naturalistic appearance. Photoshop shadow creation service comes here as a solution to improve image quality and make it believable by generating 3D effects. 

Realistic shadows of things create a professional and believable look to the photographs. After completing Photo Retouching Services, you should carefully follow proportion, Direction, and Opacity while adding Shadow.

5 Easy Ways You Can Turn Shadow Creation Service Into Success

Shadow creation adds life to a dull photo and makes it trustworthy to be natural. It is a powerful part of E-commerce to be a success. To apply this service, you must remember two unbreakable rules- 

  • Shadows must look realistic.
  • Presence of viscosity in all your product images. 

Depending on the product and other factors, there are numerous styles of Shadow. Let’s know 5 Easy Ways to do Shadow Creation Service.

1. Natural Shadow:

Footwear photography furnishes itself nicely with natural Shadow. To generate it first, generate a new layer of white background after opening the photo. Then mask out the object selecting the white area, and create a curved layer mask under the object. After that, darken the curves layer and rectify the masks. Finally, nip your shoe layer mask by lowering its opacity. 

2. Reflection Shadow:

It shows the surface like a mirror and protects the product from floating view. To create this, first, open the photo with white background. Duplicate the layer containing the image and refine the outlines. Then Align the Shadow’s backside like a reflection of the other pair. Brush the outsides of the top of the object. Continue to brush until you meet the expected result. Finally, save the photo. 

3. Drop Shadow:

It emulates immediate daylight overhead. First, open the photo for selection and right-click to select drop shadow. Next, adjust opacity, distance, and size, moving the slider left to right. Then set the angles for Shadow and tick-mark to the Global Lightbox. After that, adjust contour and noise effects. Finally, save the result.

4. Cast Shadow:

First, open the photo and select the object with the Lasso tool. Then select Layer Via Cut by clicking right on the layer. Next, select  Fx to pick  Drop Shadow and set the Angle, Distance, and Size. After that, select Distort and adjust the shadow position. Duplicate the shadow layer and Choose Gaussian Blur from the Filter to Blur option. Combine the two shadows. Finally, Set the shadow mode and the opacity.

5. Mirror Effect:

First, Pick a Photo and Double size the Canvas. Next, duplicate the layer and Flip the Lower Layer to make it blur. After that, Add Noise and Blur for Texture. Then Set the Angle, Height, and Amount. Adding a Displacement Layer, Tweak the Reflection. Finally, save the file. 

Shadow creation service is challenging because inappropriate shadows can make the photo unnatural. An image editor must focus on multiple things while creating a shadow for an object that is not a piece of cake for a beginner. If you want to succeed in your business, you should outsource the Shadow creation service to a professional service provider like Cut Out Image, which serves premium quality service globally. Moreover, it will reduce your workload and guarantee to get the best result. 

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