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5 Best Flowers You Can Use For Making Floral Designs

We all love flowers. The use of flowers to make beautiful floral designs for different occasions like weddings, parties, anniversaries, and birthdays has always been popular. However, especially after the Covid pandemic, the popularity of floral designs has increased significantly.

No matter what the reasons are, the fact is people prefer to have floral designs at their parties and events. If you are looking for the same, you should consult with an experienced event florist in London.

A florist is a person responsible for making all the designs, and he can avail you of beautiful and unique flowers that are quite hard to get. In this blog, we will talk about five unique flowers that you can use to make beautiful floral designs that can change your event’s overall look and feel.

English Lavender

The first one on our list is the English lavender. Many confuse normal lavender and English lavender. For those who don’t know, these two are quite different. English lavenders are more beautiful, have a stronger aroma, and the colours are more vibrant.

If you are looking for a wedding bouquet in London, you can insist your florist make it with English lavenders. Only one problem is there, these flowers are seasonal and often blossom once in a couple of years, so you can have some difficulty finding them.


As we are talking about unique flowers, how can we miss love-in-a-mist? Worldwide these flowers have great demand mainly because of their bright blue colours and unique feathery foliage.

According to many, love-in-a-mist denotes virginity. It has been auspicious to have these flowers at weddings since ancient times. You can contact a good florist to get these flowers for your event.


One of the most beautiful flowers on this list is the Gladiolus flower. Most gladiolus flowers bloom in August. They are tall flowers with green leaves. Gladiolus represents faithfulness and strong character. Many find the smell of gladiolus flowers similar to roses. You can contact an experienced florist to have these beautiful ones for your wedding or another event.


Have you ever seen a branch full of Delphinium? If you don’t, it is hard to explain the beauty. Valleys that receive daily sunrays and rainfall are perfect for growing these flowers. Delphinium flowers signify goodwill and luck. Especially marriage ceremonies are the perfect place to use these flowers. Contact an experienced florist to get unique flowers like this.

Bird of Paradise

Last but not least, you can choose the bird of paradise. It is hard to express the beauty of these flowers. Looking from a distance, you can mistake these flowers for birds. That’s why it got the name bird of paradise. However, many colours are available, orange or reddish bird of paradise is the most popular one.

We have discussed five unique but beautiful flowers that can be used for making floral designs. You can choose any one or all of them. Before that, please consult with an experienced florist to ensure their availability.

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