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4 ways to increase watch time on youtube channel


You must read this article because we have given you complete information about how to increase watch time on YouTube channel. If you follow these steps, you will see that your watch time has increased very quickly if you do it correctly. 

Every day, the number of video creators on YouTube is increasing. YouTube has become very popular in India in the last two-three years, and every day many people are keeping their talent in front of the public by making videos on YouTube. 

 Many video creators are taking their skills to the people through YouTube. Today we have many YouTubers in front of us who have earned a good name on YouTube with their skills, as well as earning a lot of money from YouTube. Making videos on YouTube is emerging as a job these days. 1.

1. Post attractive and unique content

If you want to increase the watch time on your YouTube channel, then the first thing you should know is what the user demand is. Whatever video you make, in the first 15 seconds of that video, you have to either tell the story or show something that will attract the user.

For this, you can make an intro for the video which will attract the user. Take special care that you do not intentionally make the video longer than necessary, do not talk nonsense in it to lengthen it, but give accurate information about the thing that the user is looking for. If you are making a video with your face and voice, then show yourself in the video with full energy. Always trying to show the users something new and different.

2. Upload videos regularly

You have often seen that new YouTubers make the mistake that they do not upload videos regularly on their channel. After uploading videos for some time, when the creators do not get the views, they stop uploading the videos. And this happens to be your biggest mistake.

It takes some time to trust the channels and not YouTube, so if you are not getting a good response to your videos, then do not get discouraged, but either upload videos daily or upload videos three or four days a week.

If your video is discovered by people and your video quality is good, then obviously YouTube will promote your video and people will also like this video. And also increase the watch time on the youtube channel

3. Make a eye-catching thumbnail

This is the image that people see as the main image of your video. That’s why if you make a good and eye-catching thumbnail, then your video gets more clicks and your video ranks well. Obviously, it is a matter that if your video ranks well, then the watch time of your YouTube channel will also increase.

 Let us tell you that whenever you upload a video, an auto-generated thumbnail appears. Remove it and instead create a separately designed thumbnail.4

4. Optimize the channel

If any person visits your YouTube channel and likes your video, he will definitely watch other videos on your channel. In this case, you need to put the right profile, banner, etc. on your channel. With this, it is also important to have social media links, websites, descriptions, etc. for your channel so that users can easily know what kind of video you post.

You need to keep in mind that your profile photo should be 800 x 800 pixels. It should look good even in a small format. Your cover image should be 2560×1440 pixels. Also keep this in mind, Kick. The description of your channel, which is displayed in the information tab, should be 1000 characters. Also, keywords must be used in the description so that your channel can be easily shown in the search results. 

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