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4 Ways to Encourage Your Child to Learn an Instrument

Children who are learning to play an instrument require all the assistance they can get. While there are numerous advantages to learning an instrument such as the guitar, there are also some drawbacks. Children may feel pressured to practice, become dissatisfied with what they perceive to be a lack of progress, become demotivated, or be too exhausted after school to pick up their instrument.

Parents have a significant impact on how their child learns and the quality of the learning experience. This is why it is critical to encourage children to persevere and to make learning a child’s choice. Nagging or pressuring a child to practice can have a negative impact on the child and cause them to stop playing entirely.

It all appears to be a delicate balance – how do you encourage a child to learn and practice their instrument without making it seem like a chore?

Recognize and reward their efforts

When children know you value their efforts, they are more likely to look forward to practicing. Get rid of the notion that a child’s talent is what makes them good at what they do. Instead, accept that hard work leads to mastery – practice makes perfect. Praise your child for their effort and commitment to learning, and you may notice them playing even when things are difficult.

Make music a part of your daily life at home

Making music a part of your daily life is another way to encourage children to learn to play an instrument. Being in a music-rich environment is beneficial for both children and adults, as it fosters a deeper love of music. You can play your own instrument (or learn a new one), organize small family concerts, listen to music or watch concerts together, and practice together – by making music a normal part of life at home, your child will develop a love for music that will motivate them to continue learning.

Make a practice schedule

Assist your child in developing a practice schedule that they can stick to. Consider things like school, homework, extracurricular activities, and my time. If your child is too tired at the end of the school day to absorb anything related to their music lessons, ask if they would be willing to practice before school in the morning. By allowing your child to choose when and where they want to practice their instrument, you are empowering them and assisting them in developing an internal motivation to learn.


Pay attention to their requirements

Last but not least, pay attention to your child when they discuss their music lessons. Pay attention to how they feel about a specific piece, their teacher, or even their instrument. Perhaps they’d like to try a different piece, something that speaks to them and piques their interest in the music. Maybe their teacher makes them dread going to class. Perhaps they’d prefer to play a different, but the related instrument.

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